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Walgreens joins other retailers with starting pay boost


Walgreens will hike starting pay to $15 an hour beginning in October, as employers across the United States coboost wages to attract workers.

The drugstore chain said Tuesday that the wage hike will take effect in phases and be completed by November 2022. It will affect workers in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, where the company has about 190,000 hourly employees and 9,100 locations.

Around half of those employees already earn at least $15 an hour, spokesman Phil Caruso said. He added that starting wages vary according to market but are not less than $10 per hour.

Walgreens rival CVS Health also said early this month that it was raising minimum pay for all employees earning hourly wages up to at least $15 an hour by next July. Employees there currently make a minimum of $11 an hour, but that will climb to $13.

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