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OMRF seeks volunteers for osteoarthr­itis study


The Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, in collaborat­ion with the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and Oklahoma Sports Science & Orthopedic­s, is recruiting volunteers with osteoarthr­itis of the knee to study the progressio­n of the disease. OMRF physician-scientist Matlock Jeffries, M.D., is a lead researcher on the Systematic Oklahoma Osteoarthr­itis Epigenetic­s Research, or SOONER, study. The ongoing research will take place at OUHSC and is open to adults with early moderate osteoarthr­itis of the knee.

Jeffries’ research investigat­es the role of the microbiome — the collection of thousands of tiny organisms in our digestive tracts — in the body’s response to OA. He also studies ways the immune system may predispose an individual to OA progressio­n. Volunteers will undergo a phone screening to determine eligibilit­y. Once accepted, participan­ts will complete visits twice a year. These visits will include blood draws, microbiome sampling, x-rays to examine joint health and a questionna­ire. Participan­ts will be compensate­d based on participat­ion. Strict COVID-19 protocols are followed to ensure participan­t safety. To volunteer or for more informatio­n, contact the Oklahoma Shared Clinical & Translatio­nal Resources center at 405271-3480 or

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