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Abuse, alcohol cloud victim’s perception

- Jeanne Phillips

Dear Abby: For the last three years, I was in an emotionall­y and physically abusive relationsh­ip. I finally found the courage to leave. Throughout the time I was with my ex, I self-medicated with alcohol because I felt ugly and unloved. One day, while I was out and intoxicate­d, I created an online profile on a dating app. Three days later, I went on a date that went absolutely great. We spent the entire weekend together and have seen each other for the last three months since then. My problem is I still have feelings for my abusive ex. The man I am currently seeing is loving and caring. He already talks about marriage and giving me a life I deserve. At the beginning, I was very into him, but maybe now I’m realizing he was a rebound because, as time passes, I do not share the same feelings he does. I am worried I will lose this man and perhaps a great life over someone who caused me so much pain and grief. Please help.

– Stuck in My Past

Dear Stuck: Although you may be tempted in that direction, the one thing you do NOT need is to return to your prior toxic relationsh­ip. Before you commit to another relationsh­ip, you must resolve your alcohol problem. The next item on your agenda should be getting reacquaint­ed with the worthwhile person that YOU are.

Although your new boyfriend seems loving and caring, neither of you knows the other well enough after only three months to make a well-reasoned lifetime commitment. It shows insight that you are thinking this may be a rebound relationsh­ip rather than the real thing. Listen to your intuition. It is telling you something important, so slow down!

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