The Oklahoman


- — Randel Shadid, Edmond

Vote ‘No’ on new tax Oct. 12

Taxpayers are being asked to pay $181,818.00 per acre ($4,000,000 for 22 acres) for land ostensibly to make a park.

The 22 acres does not even have an MRA appraisal (composite estimate of market value) to determine its value.

If the “Save Hafer Park” argument (which is bogus) holds, then the taxpayers will also have to pay to construct a bridge from the current Hafer Park to the 22 acres and will have to pay for a bridge from Bryant to the 22 acres at a cost of $1.5 million to $2.5 million. When does the taxpayer cookie jar ever end? And no one has bothered to tell us how many more tax dollars will be needed to actually develop the 22 acres.

Next, taxpayers will be asked to buy the defunct Coffee Creek golf course and operate that money loosing white elephant. Another taxpayer bailout.

Please VOTE NO on Oct. 12 and end this poor public policy of taxpayer bailout every time a piece of property In Edmond becomes controvers­ial for whatever the reason.

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