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Jersey Mike’s raises $15,201 for foster care program


Jersey Mike’s Oklahoma City-metro, Norman and Stillwater locations donated 100% of cookie sales to Sunbeam Family Services’ Foster Care program in August. In total, $15,201 was raised through the “Cookies for Kids” promotion.

Sunbeam is a traditiona­l foster care agency, providing temporary care and supportive services in a home environmen­t for children in Oklahoma Department of Human Services custody. Sunbeam works to improve the safety, well-being and permanency of children from birth to 18 years old by recruiting and training new foster parents.

Sunbeam provides support to foster families through case management, training and resources. Sunbeam also monitors placement stability, attends court hearings and helps ensure the overall success of the child in foster care.

For more informatio­n, go to or call 405-6096682.

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