The Oklahoman

Texas abortion law again criticized

- Paul J. Weber

AUSTIN, Texas – The Biden administra­tion urged the courts again Monday night to step in and suspend a new Texas law that has banned most abortions since early September, as clinics hundreds of miles away remain busy with Texas patients making long journeys to get care.

The latest attempt comes three days after the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated the nation’s most restrictiv­e abortion law after a brief 48-hour window last week in which Texas abortion providers – following a blistering ruling by a lower court – had rushed to bring in patients again.

The days ahead could now be key in determinin­g the immediate future of the law known as Senate Bill 8, including whether there is another attempt to have the U.S. Supreme Court weigh in.

“If Texas’ scheme is permissibl­e, no constituti­onal right is safe from statesanct­ioned sabotage of this kind,” the Justice Department told the appeals court.

In wording that seemed to be a message to the Supreme Court, the Justice Department raised the specter that if allowed to stand, the legal structure created in enacting the law could be used to circumvent even the Supreme Court’s rulings in 2008 and 2010 on gun rights and campaign financing.

It is not clear when the 5th Circuit court will decide whether to extend what is currently a temporary order allowing the Texas law to stand.

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