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Learn how to research Dawes Final Rolls


How many have been told they have Native American ancestry, only to find out through DNA and genealogy that they didn’t? Or, maybe they do?

Veronica Redding, research assistant at the Oklahoma Historical Society Research Center, will give a basic overview of how to use the Dawes Final Rolls for the Five Tribes to research ancestors in Oklahoma during the Edmond Genealogic­al Society’s meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday.

Redding also will touch on a few of the other tribal enrollment processes that occurred in Oklahoma, but will concentrat­e on how to research using the Dawes Final Rolls.

Redding started her career working in museum registrati­on at the Oklahoma History Center after graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in History: Museum Studies. She is her family’s genealogis­t and has always been interested in tracing not only her own family history, but also friends’ genealogy.

After moving into the Research Division at the Oklahoma Historical Society, she realized how many people in Oklahoma and surroundin­g states have family stories of Native American ancestry. While she works with all aspects of Oklahoma history at the Research Center, a large portion of visitors and callers are looking for help with genealogy. Resources are used to help people try to prove or debunk their family stories. Redding is an enrolled Osage Nation member and also has Cherokee ancestry, as well as having 89ers in her family tree. Her family has deep roots in Oklahoma on all sides and she enjoys helping fellow Oklahomans research their own Oklahoma roots.

Edmond Genealogic­al Society meetings are held the third Monday of the month at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 15700 N Pennsylvan­ia. Those interested in attending should enter through the doors on the south side of the building. Masks are required for all attendees. For more informatio­n on the Edmond Genealogic­al Society, go to, or Facebook at Edmond Genealogic­al Society. The Nov. 15 program will be “Exploring OK His

tory thru Maps.”

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