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Authoritie­s link Harrah teen to 2nd homicide

Suspect in stepfather’s death under new probe

- Josh Dulaney The Oklahoman USA TODAY NETWORK

A teenager is suspected of fatally shooting his stepfather then burning the body with the help of his mother, and authoritie­s are looking into whether the youth was also involved in a second homicide this summer.

Oklahoma County sheriff ’s investigat­ors were told there may have been a homicide in Harrah between July 22 and Aug. 8. But it wasn’t until Oct. 4 that the case cracked open. That day, investigat­ors responded to a trespassin­g report in the 2200 block of S Dobbs Road.

According to court records, when investigat­ors arrived, a woman told them her daughter said Robert Stockton Jr., 17, had been bragging about shooting and killing his stepfather, Anthony “Tony” Cannon, 43.

Investigat­ors learned Cannon may have been killed near E Reno Avenue and Harrah Road.

On Oct. 5, investigat­ors spoke with the woman again, and her 15-year-old


The daughter told investigat­ors she was in a relationsh­ip with Stockton months earlier. Stockton owned a 9mm handgun and had recently acquired an AK-47 rifle, the girl told investigat­ors.

She also said Stockton “told her he shot and killed his stepfather, Tony, in the shower,” according to affidavits for arrest warrants.

The girl elaborated that she knew a 16-year-old homeless boy who was with Stockton when the deadly shooting took place.

Investigat­ors found the boy’s parents at a camp in the woods near Highway 62 and Old County Road. His parents said the boy was at the local library.

During an interview with investigat­ors at the library, the boy said he had stayed with Stockton and his mother, Maryann Cannon, 41.

Sometime in late July, the boy said, he was in the living room at Stockton’s house playing a video game when he saw Stockton get up and walk toward the bathroom, according to the affidavits.

“A few moments later he heard four to five gunshots,” according to the affidavits.

The boy told investigat­ors he went to the bathroom and saw Anthony Cannon dead in the bathtub, with a gunshot wound to his head and gunshot wounds in his chest.

Sheriff ’s deputy Steven Lira wrote in the affidavits that the boy “told us Maryann was present and told him if he said anything to anyone she would kill him.”

The boy also confirmed Stockton owned a 9mm handgun and had an AK-47 rifle, authoritie­s said.

Anthony Cannon’s body was removed from the house and taken to the fence line at the back of the property where it was left until the following night, the boy told investigat­ors.

The following night, the body was brought to the driveway in front of the house, authoritie­s reported.

The boy told investigat­ors Stockton and Maryann Cannon spent more than $200 on gasoline and burned Anthony Cannon’s body through the night and the following day.

He said Maryann Cannon, who also goes by the last name Beal, cleaned the crime scene and repaired bullet holes in the wall of the bathroom and bathtub.

The boy told investigat­ors he left the house to find another place to live. A few weeks later, he learned the house where Anthony Cannon is suspected to have been killed was burned down.

He led investigat­ors to a house in the 21000 block of E Reno Avenue, where they discovered what appeared to be pieces of human bones.

The Harrah Fire Department confirmed a fire at the location on Aug. 8.

Investigat­ors obtained the land owner’s consent to search the property. A forensic anthropolo­gist from the state Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed the pieces of bone were human.

The boy told investigat­ors Anthony Cannon worked at a pizza restaurant.

Investigat­ors called the business and spoke to a manager who claimed Cannon was once her husband, but he stole money from the business and disappeare­d.

Arrested in the case were Maryann Cannon and Stockton. Cannon is suspected of accessory to murder in the first degree. Stockton is suspected of murder in the first degree. Formal charges have not yet been filed, court records show.

Sheriff ’s spokesman Aaron Brilbeck told The Oklahoman a motive for the homicide is not yet known.

“There’s still many more layers of the onion to peel,” Brilbeck said.

Another homicide

In a separate homicide case, sheriff ’s investigat­ors were called to a home near Reno Avenue and N Harrah Road on Aug. 28.

They discovered the body of Stephen Courtemanc­he, 64, shot to death.

An AK-47 rifle was stolen from the scene where Courtemanc­he was killed, authoritie­s said.

Investigat­ors spoke to a female minor who told them Stockton had been staying with her in Wellston. The witness said Stockton told her he gave his 9mm handgun to a 15-year-old boy, officials said.

On Oct. 11, a sheriff ’s deputy learned of a Snapchat video in which the teenage boy is suspected of having an AK-47 rifle, according to a probable cause affidavit for arrest.

The boy was taken to the sheriff ’s office for questionin­g with his mother present.

The boy said “he was approached by Robert Stockton who asked him to come with him because he was going to kill someone named Jesse and take his guns,” a deputy wrote in the affidavit.

At the time of his death, Courtemanc­he was the only person in the house, investigat­ors said.

The person Stockton was referring to no longer lived there, but he did still have two rifles stored at the house, according to the affidavit.

The boy told investigat­ors he and Stockton picked up an unidentified male who is an associate of Stockton’s. The male kicked in the front door of the house and the three of them went through the living room then down a hallway to a bedroom.

The 15-year-old boy said Stockton “pointed his 9mm handgun inside the bedroom and began shooting,” according to the affidavit.

The boy told investigat­ors the gun jammed and Stockton inserted a different magazine into the handgun and began shooting again.

Courtemanc­he could be seen lying on the floor because the TV was illuminati­ng the area, the boy told investigat­ors.

He said Stockton and the unidentified male then went into a nearby bedroom and retrieved two gun cases, removed the rifles and placed them into a duffel bag.

The three then got into Stockton’s truck and left the scene, the boy told investigat­ors.

The boy was arrested and is suspected of first-degree murder. He was transporte­d to the Oklahoma County jail for processing and subsequent housing at the Pawnee County jail. Formal charges have not yet been filed, court records show.

The Oklahoman does not typically identify juveniles in criminal cases and is not identifyin­g the 15-year-old boy because he has not been formally charged. The 17-year-old was previously named because police were searching for him as an allegedly armed and dangerous suspect.

Stockton has not been arrested in the case of Courtemanc­he’s death, authoritie­s said.

The sheriff ’s office was still investigat­ing the 15-year-old boy’s story.

Brilbeck, the sheriff ’s spokesman, said authoritie­s were still looking for the male suspect who kicked in the door of the home where Courtemanc­he was killed.

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