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Biden’s budget proposal to include funding for OKC court building repair What would the budget proposal fix?

- Jessie Christophe­r Smith The Oklahoman USA TODAY NETWORK

President Joe Biden’s proposed budget for 2024 includes tens of millions of dollars for upgrades to an Oklahoma City federal courthouse and historic post office.

The Biden administra­tion announced Tuesday that the White House budget includes funding for improvemen­ts to the William J. Holloway Jr. U.S. Courthouse and the U.S. Post Office and Courthouse in Oklahoma City.

The courthouse serves the United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma and the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. Nearby, the historic U.S. Post Office and Courthouse once held the postal service on its first floor and the federal courts on the second, but now serves as the district’s bankruptcy court.

How much money might be spent on the courthouse?

According to the General Services Administra­tion, more than $65.9 million could be set for a project that would finish repairing and improving the William J. Holloway Jr. U.S. Courthouse and the historic U.S. Post Office.

The proposed expenditur­e would complete the second part of a two-phase plan encompassi­ng the courthouse and the post office that began in recent years, said Tina Jaegerman, regional public affairs officer for the General Services Administra­tion.

Alteration­s would include interior constructi­on; plumbing; upgrades to the building envelope; replacemen­t of windows, HVAC and mechanical systems, and fire and life safety systems; and additional site work.

Past project proposals from the General Services Administra­tion in 2020 provided justifications for the funding, which said the improvemen­ts would rectify interior damage and bring the buildings up to code compliance.

Agency officials also said Biden’s proposed budget included provisions that would guarantee full access to the Federal Buildings Fund but also preserve the ability of Congress to decide and authorize investment­s.

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