Help­ing po­lar bears

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Ex­perts say peo­ple can do a lot to change things for the bet­ter. Peo­ple have saved other an­i­mals in dan­ger in the past.

Much of our en­ergy comes from fos­sil fu­els such as oil and gas. When these fu­els are burned by cars or in build­ings, they give off car­bon diox­ide. Car­bon diox­ide acts like a blan­ket, trap­ping heat around our planet, dis­rupt­ing the cli­mate and melt­ing Arc­tic sea ice.

Here are some things you can do to help the po­lar bears and other an­i­mals right now:

• Start a no idling cam­paign at your school. Ask par­ents to turn off their cars while they wait to pick you up.

• Or­ga­nize your class­mates to bike to school.

• Write a let­ter to your con­gres­sional rep­re­sen­ta­tives to let them know you care about po­lar bears and peo­ple too. A heart­felt let­ter from a kid can have a big im­pact, and let­ters from lots of kids would have an even big­ger im­pact!

• Talk! Share what you’ve learned by talk­ing to friends, fam­ily and lo­cal busi­nesses about howwe can all make a dif­fer­ence out­side our own house­holds and in­flu­ence de­ci­sions on where our en­ergy comes from.

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