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Antarctic animals


One tiny animal is very important to Antarctica’s ecosystem. It’s the krill.

Krill are small, shrimplike animals that swim off the coast. Seals, whales and penguins depend on them for food. A blue whale might eat a ton of krill each day.

When you think of Antarctica, you may think of penguins. These flightless birds live and breed on islands near the main continent. Emperor and Adelie penguins breed farther south than any other type of penguin.

Other animals that live in the sea around Antarctica include orcas, blue whales, colossal squids and several species of fur seals. Birds such as albatrosse­s, gulls, terns and shags are also found in Antarctica.

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 ??  ?? Wandering albatross
Wandering albatross
 ??  ?? Adelie penguin
Adelie penguin
 ??  ?? photo courtesy Australian Antarctic Program
photo courtesy Australian Antarctic Program

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