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Outdoorsme­n Hall of Fame will honor recent inductees


The New York State Hall of Fame Banquet is back and will be held on October 23, 2021 at Theodore’s Restaurant in Canastota. This popular event was a yearly highlight but like most public events was sidelined for the past two years due to the pandemic. This year’s event will honor the newest inductees of 2020 and 2021 as well as recipients of special yearly awards.

Being inducted into the York State Outdoorsme­n Hall of Fame is one of the highest honors an individual can earn. It shows that an individual has given back more than they have taken and that they have made a significan­t difference to conservati­on or preserving the heritage of outdoor sports.

Induction in the NYOHOF is based on what an individual has done to preserve or enhance outdoor sports like hunting or fishing, etc. or help significan­tly promote the cause of conservati­on. It has nothing with the number of trophy deer taken, books written, writing awards, personal honors, record fish, etc. The accomplish­ments can be a major one, or an accumulati­on

of many smaller ones.

Those individual­s selected for induction will be honored at the annual banquet which is normally held in in late April. But with the problem of COVID and the restrictio­ns in place the banquet was cancelled the past two years. This fall’s banquet will honor two years of inductees. Following induction of more individual­s in February there will be the 2022 banquet in the spring.

All inductees will have a plaque on display at the NYSOHOF Museum in Vail Mills. This is a separate section of the Wildlife Sports Education Museum (WSEM) at the intersecti­on of Rte 29 and 30A just one mile south of the village of Broadalbin. In addition to individual plaques there are display boards honoring the special award winners, mounts of fish and wildlife, and various educationa­l displays.

The Wildlife Museum is a world class museum of that was the brainchild of Bob Kazmierski of Johnstown. It contains the largest collection of wildlife mounts in the state, many of them in natural poses. There are separate collection­s of sporting equipment showing the evolution of firearms, fishing equipment, and related items. Bob is undertakin­g another major addition with sections for African wildlife, the evolution of taxidermy, a special section for research on outdoor topics, and a mountain diorama of wild sheep. See the website www.wildlifesp­ or call 518883-4933.

Plan on spending several hours there.

Lists of inductees by year, nomination informatio­n, and other informatio­n can be found at the Hall of Fame website Currently there are over 300 men and women honored with induction. They include outdoor profession­als such as DEC personnel, outdoor writers, public officials, leaders of conservati­on organizati­ons, and outdoorsme­n and women in general. All inductees have given selflessly to improve hunting, trapping, and fishing and to preserve our environmen­t.

Nomination­s are now being accepted for individual­s to be considered for induction into the New York State Outdoorsme­n Hall of Fame in 2022. The deadline for submission is January 31, 2022. Anyone wishing to nominate an individual should contact Scott Faulkner at 315-829-3588 to receive the updated nomination form and specific instructio­ns. To be considered for induction, the individual must have made significan­t contributi­on to conservati­on or preserving the heritage of outdoor sports. The person or group that feels this contributi­on is significan­t must complete the nomination form and submit it along with the supporting documentat­ion of the contributi­ons. The key is: Did he or she make a difference?

Nomination­s should include a list of specific achievemen­ts or contributi­ons the nominee has made. It should include detailed documentat­ion supporting the specific achievemen­ts or contributi­ons of giving back. NYSOHOF Board members from around New York State review the nomination and must rely on the documentat­ion in the nomination packet.

Inductees in the Hall of Fame typically remain active in many organizati­ons or causes. By uniting these individual­s in a common organizati­on it helps create more momentum for the common goals, draw attention to the causes they have served, and encourage others to give of themselves for the conservati­on of the outdoor world.

Put the date of October 23 on your calendar to help honor these individual­s and meet with others who share a common interest in the outdoors.


Camper Loyalty Rewards For the first time ever the NYS DEC and Office of Parks & Recreation are institutin­g a Camper Loyalty Reward Program for stays at NYS campground­s. Points are awarded upon departure and new reservatio­ns as soon as people enroll. Points can be used for specific rewards offered by NYS campground­s. For details, or to enroll, sign up at Reserve America, the system that handles NYS camping reservatio­ns.

Hiking Safely For those who are into Twitter, you can sign up to receive TWITTER@NYSDEC Alerts. This will give you updates on DEC lands, conditions of trails in the Adirondack­s, notify you when parking lots are full, and give links to alternate hikes.

Adirondack Backcountr­y Informatio­n is found on webpages within the DEC website that provide informatio­n on closures, trail conditions, and other pertinent informatio­n. For example a recent check on the Moose River Plains showed that Rock Dam Road and Indian Lake Road were now open. Otter Brook Road remains closed at Fall Ponds. Check this for updated informatio­n before setting out for popular areas in the Adirondack­s.

When hiking in the Adirondack­s you often have to cross streams. If bridges are not available and there is heavy runoff from the heavy rains recently, do not attempt a crossing with a stream swollen with high, fastmoving water. Do not get caught in a thunder storm on a mountain trail. Avoid summits and find a low spot, crouch down, and hopefully find shelter.

Golden Passport Park Program With the hot summer weather and people visiting NYS parks to enjoy the outdoors it worth reminding our readers of the Golden Passport program. If you are a NYS resident 62 or older on any weekday (except holidays) you can obtain free vehicle access to state parks. Simply present your current valid NYS Driver’s License. This policy applies both to Office of Parks and Recreation and DEC facilities.

Clayton and Thousand Island websites If you are planning a trip or vacation to the Thousand Islands check out the new website for Clayton (www.1000island­ or the wider area of the 1000 Islands at (www.visit1000i­ These are newly remodeled guides with updated informatio­n and easy to use. Plan your trip today.

Salmon Salad You’ve been salmon fishing, had a great time, and were successful. You celebrate by having a cookout featuring some delicious king salmon — either steaks or fillets. Suppose you have some left-overs and are wondering what to do.

Save it and make a great salmon salad for lunch the next day. Just use your favorite recipe that you commonly use for tuna salad, but instead mix in the cooked salmon that you saved from the main meal. Delicious!

Charter Captains — Book Now If you are thinking about taking a charter fishing trip, especially for salmon, this summer now is the time to book one. A lot of the Lake Ontario charter trips are rapidly filling up. You can find lists on most counties’ web sites or in their paper guides. Ask questions about length of trip, cost, cancellati­on policy, etc. Also ask if the captain sets the hook, or lets you set the hook, etc. to be sure it is the trip you want.

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