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Population: 38 million in 2019 Transparen­’s 2020 corruption perception­s index rank:

Score: 19 out of a possible 100

Rank: 165 out of 180 countries

Economy: Since 2006, Afghanista­n’s trade deficit has been growing bigger as imports have gone up due to the reconstruc­tion effort. Afghanista­n’s main exports are carpets and rugs, dried fruits and medicinal plants. Its main imports are petroleum, machinery and equipment, and food items. Afghanista­n’s main trading partners are Pakistan (48% of total exports and 14% of imports) and Russia (9% of exports and 13% of imports). Others include Iran, China, India, Japan and Turkey.

Poverty rate: European Union and Afghanista­n’s Central Statistics Organizati­on showed the national poverty rate rising to 55% in 2016-2017 from 38% in 2011-2012. More than half the population were living on less than a dollar a day by 2018.

Life expectancy in 2019: Male, 51.4; Female, 54.4 Literacy rate in 2018: 43% (55% male, 30% female) Percentage of internet users in 2017: 13.5%

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