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Sweet Ideas for Easy Back-to-school Breakfasts


Ahealthy breakfast can give your student a boost that lasts all day long. Mornings tend to be rushed, but it’s still possible to prepare easy breakfasts that power little learners throughout the school day. Fresh fruit is a breakfast staple, and a nutritious option like watermelon is a sweet way to satisfy hunger (and thirst). As a refreshing ingredient or standalone treat, watermelon includes just 80 calories and no fat. It’s an excellent source of vitamin C (25%) and because it’s made of 92% water, it’s a flavorful way to encourage kids to start a busy day well hydrated.

A bowl of watermelon cut into cubes, balls or fun shapes is a winning idea, but you can also think outside the rind with these ways to give watermelon a place at your breakfast table:

■ Top a grain-based cereal like corn flakes or oatmeal with bite-size bits.

■ Make Watermelon Donuts for a grab-and-go delight, perfect on hectic mornings.

■ Freeze cubes overnight and use them in place of ice with your favorite smoothie ingredient­s.

■ Put a twist on a breakfast favorite with these Watermelon Oat Flour Waffles.

■ Add a layer of oat crumble to a bowl of watermelon balls for a savory, satisfying treat.

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Watermelon Donuts

Servings: 1

2 slices seedless watermelon,

1 1/2 inches thick

2 tablespoon­s nonfat plain Greek yogurt 1 pinch sugar

vanilla, to taste

9 slivered almonds

Cut out donut shapes from watermelon slices.

Sweeten Greek yogurt with sugar and vanilla, to taste, to create frosting.

Frost half of watermelon donuts with half of frosting. Add layer of remaining watermelon donuts and top with remaining frosting.

Sprinkle toasted almonds over top and serve.

 ??  ?? Watermelon Oat Flour Waffles
Watermelon Oat Flour Waffles
 ?? Watermelon Donuts ??
Watermelon Donuts

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