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MONDAY AUG 30, 2021 1967

The Senate confirmed the appointmen­t of Thurgood Marshall as the first Black justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.


Union Gen. John C. Fremont instituted martial law in Missouri and declared slaves there to be free.


Ty Cobb made his majorleagu­e debut as a player for the Detroit Tigers, hitting a double in his first at-bat in a game against the New York Highlander­s.


U.S. Gen. Douglas Macarthur arrived in Japan to set up Allied occupation headquarte­rs.


Guion S. Bluford Jr. became the first Black American astronaut to travel in space as he blasted off aboard the Challenger.


A redesigned space shuttle booster, created in the wake of the Challenger disaster, roared into life in its first full-scale test-firing near Brigham City, Utah.


The television series “Northern Exposure” won six Emmy Awards, including best drama series, while “Murphy Brown” received three Emmys, including best comedy series.


“The Late Show with David Letterman” premiered on CBS-TV.


Americans received word of the car crash in Paris that claimed the lives of Princess Diana, her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, and their driver, Henri Paul.


A day after Hurricane Katrina hit, floods were covering 80 percent of New Orleans, looting continued to spread and rescuers in helicopter­s and boats picked up hundreds of stranded people.


In a serious breach of nuclear security, a B-52bomber armed with six nuclear warheads flew cross-country unnoticed; the Air Force later punished 70 people.


Actor Elizabeth Ashley is 82. Actor Ben Jones is 80. Actor John Kani is 79. Cartoonist R. Crumb is 78. Olympic gold medal skier Jean-claude Killy (zhahnklohd’ kee-lee’) is 78. Comedian Lewis Black is 73. Actor Timothy Bottoms is 70. Actor David Paymer is 67. Jazz musician Gerald Albright is 64. Actor Michael Chiklis is 58. Actor Michael Michele is 55.

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