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List of recent property transfers

- By Nicholas Buonano nbuonanno@medianewsg­

The following deeds were among those recorded in the Madison County clerk’s office from: July 26, 2021 through August 6, 2021:

Ronald Heffernan to Thomas Harig: 595 W Cottage La, Deruyter for $211,500

Edward Gajdzis to Samantha Elliott: 661 Rte 8 W Edmeston, NY 13485 for $100,000

Bookouyt Trust to Pro-tell Properties: Albany St, Cazenovia for $230,000

Diana Hoag to Constance Bixby: 124 Falls Blvd, Chittenang­o for $170,000

Peter Bobbette to Jeffrey Moesch: Jill St, Chittenang­o for $155,000

Dennis Loftus to Mark Schmidt: Whitehaven Rd, Canastota for $510,000

Haddad Telecom to Corey Cosimeno: Tackabury Rd, Canastota for $13,000

Eric Beyer to Daniel Almeida: 1601 Grassy La Rd, Cazenovia for $360,000

William Rainwater to Catherine Studer: 126 Jay St, Chittenang­o for $205,000

Sheila Fair to Gerard Hoffman: Upham Rd, Georgetown for $255,000

Tina Harter to Scott Egnaczyk: 349 N Lake St, Oneida for $75,000

Theresa Loring to John Purcell: 306 Delano Ave, Canastota for $158,000

Yva-marie Scheid to Kim Barilla: 1788 Rte 173, Chittenang­o for $75,000

Joseph Mittelstae­dt to David Brown: 209 E Sands St, Oneida for $142,000

Excell Motor Sports to Excell Properties: 2292 Rte 12, Hubbardsvi­lle for $400,000

Lincklaen LLC to Caroline Wazer: 65 Lincklaen St, Cazenovia for $280,000

Kevin Kiehn to David Dye Jr: 5964 Streeter Rd, Stockbridg­e for $377,000

Jackie Smyth to Sean Martin: 302 Brinkerhof­f St, Chittenang­o for $190,000

April Mueller to Tina Fortino: 1420 Rte 31, Bridgeport for $50,000

Limestone Ridge to David Worden: 8921 Ash La, Bridgeport for $138,000 Michael Miller to Steve Drochek IV: 1543 Lake Rd, Oneida for $393,000

Steven Lessack to Muraco Stables: W Lake Rd, Cazenovia for $4,060,000

James Menter to Jeffrey Woodworth: 2916 Moraine Rd, Cazenovia for $10,000

Thomas Richmond to Singh Petroleum: 5261 N Main St, Munnsville for $437,500

Jeffrey Paul to CAAAJJ LLC: Lenox Ave, Oneida for $32,000

Bernard Sims Trust to Thomas Adams: Burlingame Rd, Canastota for $479,000

Daniel Gough to Susan Rider: 7172 Hamilton Rd, Hamilton for $235,000

Sean Dwyer to Courtney Drake: Kinderhook Rd, Chittenang­o for $196,500

Charles Vollmer III to Albert Wallis: 1764 Chestnut Ridge Rd, Chittenang­o for $180,000

Robert Svenson to Cory Fox: 1708 Stanley Rd, Cazenovia for $268,000

Lisa Mackey to Andrew Enders: 4588 Roberts Rd, Cazenovia for $180,000

Linda Bacon to Gillette Property Solutions: 605 Cain St, Chittenang­o for $93,000

Michael Compoli/surv to Matthew Carswell: 5030 Williams Rd, Morrisvill­e for $110,000

K&Z Restoratio­ns to Evis Frazer: 337 Seneca St, Oneida for $72,000

Susanna Susan to Elizabeth Lashawnder: 527 Broad St, Oneida for $194,000

Kevin Keefe to Kory Parsons: 3450 Hardscrabb­le Rd, Erieville for $270,000

James Macdowell to Charles Townsend: 177 W Genesee St, Chittenang­o for $157,000

Phillip Wright to Scott Hansen: 134 Circle Dr S, Canastota for $225,000

Kerry Beadle to Michelle Siesky: 99 Eaton St, Hamilton for $325,000

Arthur Franceschi­ni to David Penge: Vacant Texas Hill Rd N, Georgetown for $54,500

Kenneth Chapman to Jacob Meyers: 3063 Rte 31, Canastota for $158,000

Jack Tompkins to Raymond Gingerich: Stillman Rd, Brookfield for $30,000

Jacqueline Gory to Justin Maloney-hahn: Delphi Rd, Cazenovia for $350,000

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