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Finding a topic


What are you interested in? If you love sports but don’t care about cooking, it probably won’t be much fun to research a famous chef.

Ask yourself what you want to know about a subject. You might need to narrow the subject down to one thing. Or you might need to broaden your idea.

For instance, you may love soccer — that’s a broad topic! But you could dig into who invented soccer cleats, or how the game began.

Be a skeptic

Some topics can be tricky. For example, you might be intrigued by politics. But it’s important when researchin­g politician­s or government agencies to pay attention to your sources of informatio­n.

A website that’s dedicated to raising money for Democrats might be a bit biased, or favoring Democrats’ points of view.

Try to find out who wrote the informatio­n. Often this can be found at the end of the page.

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