The Oneida Daily Dispatch (Oneida, NY)

Charlotte Motor Speedway

2 p.m. ET Sunday, NBC


• Charlotte Motor Speedway was designed and built in 1959 by current chairman and NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee O. Bruton Smith. In 1984 it became the only sports facility in America to offer year-round living accommodat­ions when it built 40 condominiu­ms high above turn one. The lighting system was installed in 1992, allowing it to be the first modern superspeed­way to host night auto racing.

• During a typical race weekend, fans consume more than 34,000 slices of pizza, 9,500 gallons of soda and water, 13,500 feet of hot dogs and 309,000 pounds of ice.

• In 2011, it set a Guinness Record with the debut of the world’s largest HDTV at a sports venue, spanning nearly 16,000 square feet.

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