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MONDAY OCT 11, 2021 1968

Apollo 7, the first manned Apollo mission, was launched with astronauts Wally Schirra, Donn Fulton Eisele and R. Walter Cunningham aboard.


Polish nobleman Casimir Pulaski, fighting for American independen­ce, died two days after being wounded during the Revolution­ary War Battle of Savannah, Georgia.


American first lady Eleanor Roosevelt was born in New York City.


The San Francisco Board of Education ordered the city’s Asian students segregated in a purely “Oriental” school.


The government of Panama was overthrown in a military coup.


Bill Clinton and Hillary Diane Rodham were married in Fayettevil­le, Arkansas. “NBC Saturday Night” made its debut with guest host George Carlin.


President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev opened two days of talks in Reykjavik, Iceland, concerning arms control and human rights.


Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Anita Hill accused Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of sexually harassing her; Thomas re-appeared before the panel to denounce the proceeding­s as a “high-tech lynching.”


In his first prime-time news conference since taking office, President George W. Bush said “it may take a year or two” to track down Osama bin Laden and his terrorist network in Afghanista­n, but he asserted that after a five-day aerial bombardmen­t, “we’ve got them on the run.”


Former President Jimmy Carter was named the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said it had finished pumping out the New Orleans metropolit­an area, which was flooded by Hurricane Katrina six weeks earlier and then was swamped again by Hurricane Rita.

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