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Property transfers in Madison County

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The following deeds were among those recorded in the Madison County clerk’s office from: January 10, 2022 through January 21, 2022:

Sylvia Samon/poa to Lynn Hartson ; Fultz Dr Oneida, for $71,000

Mark Wilson to Sarah Wilson ; Rte 31 Canastota, for $1

Joseph Roberts to Kristen Fairchild ; 614 Charles St Chittenang­o, for $99,000

Thomas Clark Special Needs Trust to White Eagle Dairy ; Carey Rd Eaton, for $90,000

Mary Clark/poa to White Eagle Dairy ; Carey Rd Eaton, for $1

Sheldon Janse to Wesley Marshall; Midland Ave Oneida, for $66,000

Michael Morrissey to Kevin Maring ; 3229 Jaquin Rd Canastota, for $301,000

Roger Pierson to Elisabeth Beach ; 4142 Francis Rd Cazenovia, for $245,000

Kevin Marsh to Randall Marsh; Beaver Creek Rd Brookfield, for $90,000

Richard Carr to 308 E Canal Street LLC; E Chapel St Canastota, for $185,000

Stephens Family Trust to Katharine Posewitz; 7237 Bolivar Rd Chittenang­o, for $1

HUD to Five Acre LLC ; 302 First St Canastota, for $64,500 Alicia Mcmanus to Hyland Partners Inc ; 137 E Center St Canastota, for $1

Francis Cordell/exr to Hyland Partners Inc ; West Ave Canastota, for $33,000

James Dennis to Greg Mcdonald; 9005 Kennedy La Canastota, for $28,000

Jaon Spicer Trust to Leslie Wright ; 7960 Adams Rd Kirkville, for $1

Catherine Wieczorek to Edward Wieczorek ; 139 Hitchcock Pt Rd Bridgeport, for $1

Mackenzie West to Cherie Fetterman; 508 Bailey St Chittenang­o, for $130,000

Jesse Morris to Susan Wickham

; 9400 Lewis Pt Rd Canastota, for $391,500

Henry Havener to Shawn Nolan; Washington Ave Canastota, for $20,000

William Hohl to Bradley Bowen ; 605 Lake St Chittenang­o, for $247,000

Janet Gendron to Andrew Bayliss ; New Boston Rd Chittenang­o, for $1

Mark Koester to Christophe­r Siddall ; 3106 Rte 31 Canastota, for $235,000

Linda North to Daniel Garris; 9381 Ramsey Dr Bridgeport, for $150,000

Christophe­r Rozhon to Lori Wolfe; 309 Barrett La Bridgeport, for $501,000

Michael Leibl to Jacob Devine ; 7792 N Main St Canastota, for $15,000

Patricia Naughton to Patricia Von Reyn; Albany St Cazenovia, for $341,000

Irene Schroder to Richard Colvin; Lebanon Rd Earlville, for $72,500

Deborah Everts to Wade Buckley;

Rte 13 Deruyter, for $27,000

Michael Besaw to Neal Streichert ; Sunrise Blvd Erieville, for $370,000

Augustin Smith to John Behler; Chaphe Hill Rd Erieville, for $70,500

George Browning III Trust to Richard Hartman ; Hillside Ave Leonardsvi­lle, for $40,000

Drake Property Mgt to Julie Berthelsen; 607 Forbes Ave Chittenang­o, for $105,500

Kaydene Torres to Megan Maloney; 3903 Tainter Rd Erieville, for $210,000

Sebastian Cove to Edward Gloss; 2025 Rte 31 #306 Chittenang­o, for $510,000

Ralph Keith to Ross Bonafield ; Doyle Rd Brookfield, for $15,000

Jekin Jayantkuma­r to Edward Demenezes; Stockbridg­e Hill Rd Stockbridg­e, for $15,000

Angelo Mitchell III to Angelo Mitchell IV; N Main St Canastota, for $1

Shawn Reandeau to Amanda Leamer; 2830 Hill Rd Cazenovia,

for $234,000

David redding to Brigit Lavine; Third St Canastota, for $1

Paul Harney to Tara Carr; 24 Burr St Cazenovia, for $110,000

Rosemarie Petersen to Joni Byler; 6101 Lebanon Rd Earlville, for $80,000

David Michel to Michael Nazel; 514 Sconondoa St Oneida, for $125,500

Donald Moore to Brianna Wean; 241 North St Oneida, for $148,500

Michael Anderson to Benjamin Roseman; S Park St Canastota, for $60,000

Scott Tifft to Donald Ricketts; Valley Mills Rd Rd, for $22,000

Christophe­r Brown to Laura Brown; 8682 Bridgeport Kirkville Rd Kirkville, for $1

Tina Flynn to Thomas Gynburch; 111 Macarthur Pl Canastota, for $95,500

Michael Markowski to Richard Stoddard; 5880 Brooklyn St Eaton, for $3,000

Craig Cesario to William Curtis; 413 W Lewis St Canastota, for $110,000

Michael Palmer to Christophe­r Hunt; 2607 Pearl St New Woodstock, for $160,000

Christophe­r Barczewski to Colleen Dougherty; Lincklaen Rd Cazenovia, for $241,000

Dana Fariel to Jeremy Carnahan; 589 Sayles St Oneida, for $143,500

Christophe­r Jones to Zachary Thornton; 308 W Elm St Oneida, for $64,000

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