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Aston Martin DBX exudes SUV luxury, power

- By Marc Grasso

Porsche, Bentley and Mercedes walk into a room …

As a certified car fanatic, I wish that was actually a thing, but seriously, the appreciati­on of vehicles near and far is a real passion. Going to car shows or seeing rare/exotic cars is really a pleasure to enjoy. Now getting the stars to align is the hard part, but when the phone rings and it’s Aston Martin, we always answer. This time they want us to enjoy their recently released DBX, the most powerful, and most luxurious SUV offered in their fleet today.

In Grasso’s Garage, we never say no!

As Aston Martin enters the SUV market, the opportunit­y to do it right is at the forefront. With Porsche-like exterior styling, Bentley-like interior accouterme­nts and Mercedes power under the hood, what could go wrong? The best of three worlds exist and the Aston Martin DBX makes it happen.

Top speed comes in at 181 with 542 horsepower of V8 4.0-liter twin-turbo engine power. To say this is awesome, is an understate­ment. With a zero-to-60 time of just over 4 seconds, the DBX is really a dream machine to drive, ride in and drool about. Did we mention torque? oh let’s not forget that, how about 516 lb.-ft. of torque right to the wheels! The nine-speed automatic transmissi­on with oversized paddle shifters was effortless and transition­ed smoothly.

The exterior styling of our Xenon Grey Aston Martin is second to none. It truly doesn’t get any more elegant than the curvatures of the entire fleet.

For the DBX, we see similariti­es while the unsure onlookers have no idea what to think. The DBX offers Aston Martin’s historical DB grille that flows into the vented and sculptured hood with elaborate chrome additions. Selectable drivemodes, 22-inch wheels, high performanc­e braking and full LED lights are standard.

Stepping into the DBX is really an enjoyable experience. Boasting a 10” infotainme­nt system including navigation, which operates from the touchpad on the center console, the options are endless and the utilizatio­n is swift. The seats were very comfortabl­e, the ride was very quiet and the convenienc­e was certainly top of mind when engineerin­g the DBX. As I like to call it, it was developed around the driver and for good reason.

Similar to other upscale manufactur­ers, you can option these up as much as you want. Our tester had over $39,000 in options alone.

For 106 years, Aston Martin has made strictly cars, and now introduces the first SUV wearing the wings. Whether riding in style or enjoying the status symbol of luxury, the Aston Martin DBX is a fan-favorite, driver favorite and a dream for all types.

Grasso’s Garage is here for you! Are you in the market for a new car? I would be happy to provide my honest input. All you have to do is email me: marc.grasso@bostonhera­

Aston Marton DBX MSRP: $180,500

As tested: $222,786

MPG: 14 city, 20 highway, 16.0 as tested

 ?? MARC GRASSO — MEDIANEWS GROUP ?? The new Aston Martin DBX is an SUV to dream about, with top-ofthe-line comfort, power and style.
MARC GRASSO — MEDIANEWS GROUP The new Aston Martin DBX is an SUV to dream about, with top-ofthe-line comfort, power and style.

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