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Smart Snack Ideas


Between work, school, extracurri­cular activities and family functions, it may seem like there’s no time to eat healthy when your family is seemingly always on the go. However, finding the proper fuel is even more important when you’re trying to balance a hectic schedule, which is where snacks can play an important role between meals.

Consider these nutritious snack options that can help satisfy a variety of cravings without taking up too much of that valuable time.

Crunchy Munchies

Apples or pears

Carrot and celery sticks

Cucumber or bell pepper slices

Air-popped popcorn

Brown rice cakes

Nuts and seeds

Low-sugar Sips

Plain or sparkling water (add fruit or herbs for extra flavor)

Unsweetene­d tea or coffee

100% vegetable or fruit juices with no

added sugars

Satisfying Noshes

Sliced vegetables with Fresh Cravings Classic, Roasted Red Pepper or Roasted Garlic Hummus

Fruit and vegetable smoothies

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