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Antiterror­ism the Garden Salad of protection

- ATEC Mission Antiterror­ism Officer Alfonzo Brown

Like a good Garden Salad, you will find a mixture of fixings and toppings in your Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) Antiterror­ism Program. Iceberg Lettuce is the foundation of a good Garden Salad; likewise threat awareness is the foundation of a good Antiterror­ism (AT) program. Without these two fundamenta­l items you really don’t have a Garden Salad or an effective AT Program. Just like lettuce threat awareness holds all the other items in place and joins them all together in a way where it is present but not overpoweri­ng the rest of the ingredient­s needed within the AT Protection Program.

With a good Garden Salad comes its most important support the tomato. With at same support a good AT Programs most important support is its vigilant workforce. The vigilant workforce stands boldly forward ever aware and keenly alert ready to provide a punch to threats that may have an impact on the testing mission. The tomato acts in the same way, it is bold in its red color and ready to provide the extra punch a good garden salad needs. Understand­ing how and what iWATCH or See Something Say Something mean, are examples of two tomatoes that are always available to the ATEC workforce.

A good Garden Salad also comes with a lot of other selective items of your choosing. Sometimes it may be carrots, cucumbers or even onions. That same principle also applies to your ATEC AT Program and how messaging and threat awareness is sent out to maintain our vigilant workforce. Our monthly news article in the Outpost, or the marque boards when you enter Walker gate. You may have noticed other methods employed throughout the ATEC workforce and our places of work. These items and messages are designed to do the same thing as the selective items on a Garden Salad.

They draw you back for another garden salad - in the case of the ATEC AT Program draw you back for more informatio­n on threat awareness.

YPG Commander Col. Patrick McFall is the salad dressing and croutons for our good AT Program and is always the best source of protection and awareness for the ATEC AT Program. Your Garden Salad comes with the best way to protect the integrity of what you consider a good Garden

Salad in the same way our Senior Commander does the same for the vigilance and threat awareness of the ATEC Employee Workforce. As your ATEC AT Officer I am here to provide our Commander the best informatio­n possible to protect the ATEC workforce and the ATEC Testing Mission.

For more informatio­n contact me at Alfonzo.d.brown.civ@army. mil or 928-328-6498.

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