Woman blames squir­rels out­side of her home for den­ture theft.

The Palm Beach Post - Neighborhood Post - Central Palm Beach County - - Front Page - Com­piled by Sy O’Neill from area law en­force­ment records.


A woman was ac­costed by two rob­bers in the 3900 block of 36th Court at 2:45 a.m. Her purse was ripped from her arms, and she was punched in the face. Con­tents of the purse in­cluded $500, a So­cial Se­cu­rity card, a vape pen, jew­elry and debit cards. The woman suf­fered mul­ti­ple fa­cial frac­tures.

A man was stand­ing by his ve­hi­cle with the door open in the 5100 block of Man­ning Av­enue at 8:45 p.m. when he was ap­proached by four men and a woman. He told po­lice that three of the men struck him and threw him to the ground, while their com­pan­ions took a cell­phone, pre­scrip­tion glasses and a state ID card from his ve­hi­cle. A man had just parked hi s ve­hi­cle in the 1800 block of North Congress Av­enue at 2:30 a.m. when a stranger ap­proached him and de­manded his valu­ables. A strug­gle en­sued, and the man ended up with a cut on his face. The rob­ber was thwarted.


Some­one smashed a win­dow on a ve­hi­cle in the 100 block of North Nar­cis­sus Av­enue be­tween 8:30 p.m. and 1:20 a.m. A small purse con­tain­ing glit­ter and a hair clip was stolen.


A cou­ple left their res­i­dence in the 3000 block of South Olive Av­enue for about an hour. When they re­turned, they found the rear slid­ing glass door had been pried open. A jew­elry box had been moved from the closet, but noth­ing was miss­ing.

Some­one ran­sacked a rear util­ity room at a res- id en ce in the 500 block of 35 th Street. Noth­ing ap­peared to be miss­ing from in­side the room, but a trash con­tainer ad­ja­cent to the room was stolen.

A man ar­rived at his res­i­dence in the 900 block of Mar­ket Street to find a black SUV in the drive­way. The mo­torist im­me­di­ately backed up and fled. The man found his bed­room had been ran­sacked, and his lap­top com­puter and TV stolen. A bi­cy­cle was stolen from a res­i­dence in the 1000 block of North Fla­gler Drive.

A bur­glar kicked in the front door of a res­i­dence in the 5500 block of North Haver­hill Road and stole a TV val­ued at $200.

A man was ly­ing in bed at his res­i­dence in the 100 block of For­est Hill Boule­vard at 10 p.m. when he heard a loud noise in the bathroom. He saw a man crawl­ing through the win­dow. As he ap­proached the bathroom, the in­truder spot­ted him and fled. A home in the 1200

block of 12th Way was bur­glar­ized. The vic tim told po­lice her hus­band was at home at the time and left the front door open. Among items taken were $500 Prada sun­glasses, 20 pair of name­brand pants val­ued at $100 per pair, Victoria’s Se­cret bras, swim­suits and un­der­wear val­ued at more than $1,000, five pair of Nike pants, three Nike jack­ets, a Michael Kors purse and wal­let, Nike sneak­ers, Coach san­dals and pim­ple cream.


A woman in the 2500 block of Lake Worth Road re­ported that lit­tle things in her home have dis­ap­peared. Most re­cently, her den­tures were taken from her night­stand, she said. The woman told a deputy she be­lieves the cul­prits are the squir­rels she sees out­side her home.


A man left his wal­let on the hood of his ve­hi­cle in the 1700 block of 12th Av­enue South. When he went to re­trieve it, the wal­let was gone. Con­tents in­cluded his cell­phone, a credit card, fish­ing li­cense, con­cealed weapon per­mit and driver’s li­cense. He later learned some­one had used his credit card. He alerted his bank.


As a loss pre­ven­tion of­fi­cer watched, a woman at a store in the 1200 block of South Dixie High­way stuffed shirts, pants, un­der­wear and socks into her purse. The of­fi­cer stopped her as she walked out of the store with­out pay­ing for the $135.23 worth of mer­chan­dise. The woman apol­o­gized for her crime and of­fered to pay for the items. She was ar­rested and taken to the county jail. She and her boyfriend, who ar­rived on the scene to of­fer help, were both given tres­pass warn­ings from the prop­erty.

A woman at a store in the 1200 block of South Dixie High­way took off her san­dals and put on a $34.99 pair of sneak­ers. She re­moved the price tag from the sneak­ers and strolled out of the store in her new footwear, un­aware her ac­tions were be­ing ob­served by a loss pre­ven­tion of­fi­cer, who had alerted po­lice. The woman was stopped out­side by the loss pre­ven­tion of­fi­cer and a po­lice of­fi­cer. She was ar­rested and given a no­tice to ap­pear in court.


An of­fi­cer on pa­trol stopped a mo­torist who ran a stop sign at West Ocean Ave- nue and South 13th Street. When asked for his driver’s li­cense, the man be­hind the wheel replied: “I ain’t gonna lie to you, of­fi­cer, I don’t have a driver’s li­cense ‘cause it’s sus­pended.” A back­ground check re­vealed the man’s li­cense was re­voked per­ma­nently in 2001. He was ar­rested and taken to the county jail.


Dur­ing a traf­fic stop on a speeder in the 400 block of West Lan­tana Road, an of­fi­cer de­tected the smell of pot. He found a bag of pot, which the driver claimed be­longed to his girl­friend. He was ar­rested and taken to the county jail.


An of­fi­cer went to a mo­tel in the 1300 block of West Lan­tana Road to in­ves­ti­gate a re­port of an in­tox­i­cated woman. At the scene, he en­coun­tered a woman who ap­peared highly in­tox­i­cated on an un­known sub­stance. A back­ground check showed she had been given a tres­pass warn­ing from the premises the pre­vi­ous evening. She was taken to an area hos­pi­tal for treat­ment. The woman told the of­fi­cer that the man she was with at the mo­tel asked her to stay with him and said he wanted to help her. The of­fi­cer ar­rested the woman and gave her a no­tice to ap­pear in court.


A front win­dow was smashed on a busi­ness in the 2200 Sec­ond Av­enue North. Noth­ing in­side was dis­turbed. Dam­age was es­ti­mated at $500. A man in the 1200 block con­tin­ued on 3

of Olympic Cir­cle was awak­ened by a loud knock­ing on his bed­room win­dow. He looked out­side and found his ex-boyfriend stand­ing there, beg­ging to come in­side. Be­cause they are no longer a cou­ple, he did not let him in. In­stead, he called the Sher­iff ’s Of­fice. When his ex-boyfriend learned the au­thor­i­ties had been con­tacted, he got an­gry and said he was go­ing to smash the man’s car win­dows. The man heard a loud noise, went out­side and found his ex-boyfriend had made good on his threat. As a deputy ar­rived, the ex-boyfriend was get­ting in a ve­hi­cle. The deputy stopped him and saw he had a bloody hand. The deputy asked what hap­pened, and the ex-boyfriend claimed he fell. The man said he did not wish to pur­sue charges against his ex-boyfriend, but he wanted his win­dow fixed.


A woman left her purse in her shop­ping cart in a park­ing lot in the 6200 block of For­est Hill Boule­vard. When she re­turned to re­trieve it, the purse was gone.

A man left his wal­let on the counter of a con­ve­nience store in the 5700 block of 10th Av­enue North. Some­one stole it.

While a man slept in a mo­tel room in the 5500 block of Lake Worth Road, a woman stay­ing with him took his wal­let and left. He was un­aware of the theft un­til a mo­tel em­ployee woke him up in the morn­ing.

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