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We have talked about trees lately. Let’s talk to­day about how best to treat your gar­den flow­ers.

I talked to a few peo­ple on the phone about what to seed your veg­gies and flower gar­dens. Most of the ma­te­rial you can buy at the big box stores but here area few tips on gar­den plants and house plants.

I have told you about eggshell wa­ter for your plants and veg­gies. Eggshells stored in a wa­ter jug makes a great cal­cium drink for your flow­ers and gar­den pants. Just get a large jug, fill it with wa­ter and ev­ery time you go to throw out those eggshells, just put them in the jug. I use an open-mouth jug to en­sure my aim. I keep it cov­ered to keep the peace with my wife, as well as to keep the dog away from drink­ing the eggshell wa­ter.

The sec­ond tip: Avoid us­ing wa­ter right out of the hose if you can. IQ wa­ter is bet­ter but house­hold wa­ter is chlo­ri­nated/flu­o­ri­dated and hu­man­ized so it is not good for the plants. If you have noth­ing else, just fill up an open con­tainer with wa­ter and leave it overnight. Mother Na­ture will change the ph of the wa­ter and neu­tral­ize the chem­i­cals, so you can use it on your house plants.

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