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Have you ever stopped to think about where you spend a good third of your day? If your mind goes to your bed, you are 100 per­cent cor­rect. Given the amount of time you spend in your bed­room, care­ful se­lec­tions should be made con­cern­ing ev­ery as­pect of your room, and more specif­i­cally, your bed. Your bed­room should be a per­sonal space for rest and re­lax­ation... a sanc­tu­ary.

Surely ev­ery­one has a preference when it comes to the size of the bed one sleeps on. Be­lieve it or not, there are adults that pre­fer the con­fines of a twin bed; oth­ers pre­fer a full size and there are some that can’t find enough space in a queen or king size. Bed sizes are also re­lated to whether you have a spouse or sig­nif­i­cant other and whether you both sleep in the same room. Again, your bed selec­tion is an ex­tremely per­sonal choice.

In most bed­rooms, the bed is the fo­cal point of the room. The style you se­lect for your bed frame and bed­ding will be the de­ter­min­ing fac­tor in the dec­o­ra­tive feel­ing of your room. A four-poster bed in wood or a bed with an up­hol­stered canopy will likely make you feel like your stay­ing in a nice bed and break­fast, while a sleek geo­met­ric head­board can re­mind you of a hip bou­tique ho­tel.

Al­most any­thing can func­tion as a head­board. An an­tique church win­dow or fire­place man­tle can give a room an ar­chi­tec­tural air and make the bed seem an­chored into the room. Oth­ers may opt for an up­hol­stered head­board that is great for prop­ping up to read in bed. A cou­ple of wall­pa­per stripes can also im­ply a head­board and cre­ate a nice back­drop for your bed­ding. There are no cor­rect or in­cor­rect ap­proach to de­sign­ing a bed...The only im­por­tant thing to keep in mind is your com­fort.

I pre­fer all white cot­ton or linen sheets for my bed­ding, which some will con­sider for­mal and bor­ing, but not to me. I like the all white look be­cause it makes things easy to laun­der and bleach as nec­es­sary. How­ever, there are no for­mal rules when it comes to mak­ing your bed. You can choose to mix and match sheets that are com­ple­men­tary to each other for a look that is per­sonal yet co­or­di­nated, or choose con­trast­ing fab­ric col­ors and pat­terns for a more bo­hemian and in­for­mal look. I will not pre­scribe a thread count for sheets, as the feel varies de­pend­ing on the thread. All I sug­gest is that you are happy with the touch of your sheets since they are lit­er­ally on your skin when sleep­ing.

Fi­nally, your pil­lows and how many of them you keep on your bed are en­tirely up to you. Gen­er­ally, it should be one or two pil­lows per per­son, and a neck roll or other small pil­low are the ba­sic min­i­mum. A good rule of thumb is a pair of pil­lows in shams, a pair of pil­lows in pil­low­cases and then the smaller pil­low in a dec­o­ra­tive fab­ric. These are some sim­ple tips to make your bed invit­ing so you can sleep on it.


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