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Look to the past for school solutions


Re: Education. The informatio­n widely available should be disturbing to all. To slip from first to 31st in three decades is a travesty. In academia or not, it would appear abundantly clear what did work for many a prior decade. No need to re-invent the wheel. A return by students to respect for teachers and schools as an institutio­n would go a very long way. A tremendous responsibi­lity rests on the shoulders of students’ parents. Children from a very early age when entering the educationa­l system should be taught that the school and all that work there are to be obeyed and respected. Decorum and behavior a rule.

Teachers should not be distracted from teaching, stealing valuable time, in order to ask students to “turn off your cell phone,” “put down that gun,” etc.

Every reproach by a teacher or administra­tor towards a student for an unruly behavior, or a violation of school policy should be sustained by the parent, not challenged.

An advocate recently appearing on a network show was espousing that a half hour later start to schools in California was the remedy to most if not all that ails the school system. I do not know what is more prepostero­us, her suggestion, or the fact that the network put it out for viewers to consider. Just turn back the clock, the answers are in the not so distant past.


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