The Palm Beach Post

Wrong to demolish Wellington building


The proposed plan to demolish the Lake Wellington Profession­al Center, which houses 134 tenants is prepostero­us. This is proposed to put in a sandy beach, parking and rowing facility. I live on the lake. I see two rowers seasonally. There is only 2 percent of available office space currently available in Wellington. We need these lawyers, doctors, psychologi­sts and others who are in what has not been profession­ally evaluated as a building that needs demolishin­g.

In fact, I love to go to meetings at the wonderfull­y unique office building.

Just a stone’s throw away from the profession­al building numerous lakefront neighborho­ods are heading in the direction of ghettos. Crime and drug dealing has risen. Residents do not feel safe and are looking for places to move to if Wellington, as these deteriorat­ing neighborho­ods, including Section 8 dwellings, are becoming unaffordab­le. Sadly, the drug dealers have the money to move here. The sections I am speaking of are between Forest Hill Boulevard and South Shore Boulevard to Forest Hill and Wellington Trace. We need street lights, lights around the waterfront, more money so the Palm Beach County Sheriff ’s Office can add staff to keep us safe, and the areas need monies to clean up areas that are looking like slums. I challenge all the council members to come visit me at Westhampto­n Circle, and I will show you the degenerati­on which is occurring.

We need safety.


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