Fight­ing back against the Left

The Phoenix - - OPINION - Low­man S. Henry Colum­nist Low­man S. Henry is chair­man & CEO of the Lin­coln In­sti­tute of Pub­lic Opin­ion Re­search in Har­ris­burg.

A fa­vorite bro­mide of the Left is tol­er­ance. Tol­er­ance to them, of course, is com­plete and to­tal agree­ment with their view of Amer­ica. De­vi­ate from the talk­ing points and tol­er­ance ends, usu­ally with a se­ries of tired old in­sults be­ing hurled at anyone who dares to dis­agree.

The Left is at its most in­tol­er­ant when the tar­get of their venom fights back.

They seem to take it as a divine right (at least those who be­lieve in a de­ity) that their opin­ions and at­tacks are sim­ply to be ab­sorbed and ac­cepted and that anyone who fights back is a bar­bar­ian at the gates.

This un­flat­ter­ing trait of the Left was on full dis­play in the days af­ter Judge Brett Ka­van­u­agh ap­peared be­fore the U.S. Se­nate Ju­di­ciary Com­mit­tee to de­fend his honor and rep­u­ta­tion af­ter hav­ing been slimed by a se­ries of un­sub­stan­ti­ated ac­cu­sa­tions which es­ca­lated in ridicu­lous­ness as each day passed.

Ka­vanaugh came out of his cor­ner of the ring fight­ing. He lit into those sen­a­tors who for months have at­tacked him; he chal­lenged his ac­cusers; he de­fended his honor.

And the Left was hor­ri­fied. He was de­nounced as an “an­gry” man who dis­played an in­ju­di­cious de­meanor.

He was ac­cused of politi­ciz­ing the court and com­pro­mis­ing his fair­ness. Judge Ka­vanaugh had trans­gressed against Left-wing or­tho­doxy by fight­ing back rather than meekly sub­mit­ting to the pub­lic lash­ing he was tak­ing merely for hav­ing been se­lected for the job by Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump.

Trump him­self is the poster boy for vi­o­lat­ing the Left’s pro­hi­bi­tion against fight­ing back. Driv­ing the Left’s vis­ceral ha­tred of Don­ald Trump is, un­like past Repub­li­can pres­i­dents, he isn’t will­ing to sit qui­etly in the Oval of­fice and ab­sorb their blows.

Quite to the con­trary, he im­me­di­ately re­sponds and compounds his vi­o­la­tion of po­lit­i­cally cor­rect pro­to­col by fir­ing back.

And the cho­rus goes up: “How dare he at­tack us!!”

As for the Supreme Court, the very thought that Judge Ka­vanaugh has politi­cized the panel is laugh­able.

Look at any given case and you can pre­dict with 90 per­cent ac­cu­racy how each jus­tice will rule. That es­pe­cially is true of lib­er­als Jus­tices Ruth Bader Gins­burg, Elena Ka­gan, So­nia So­tomayor, and Stephen Breyer.

Here in Penn­syl­va­nia the same Left-wing out­rage is be­ing felt in the race for gover­nor.

Repub­li­can nom­i­nee Scott Wag­ner is a busi­ness­man with no in­ter­est in a long-term ca­reer in pol­i­tics. He is blunt, plain spo­ken, and couldn’t care less about po­lit­i­cal cor­rect­ness or the bound­aries on dis­course set by the Left.

As a re­sult he is pil­laged by Gov. Tom Wolf and his al­lies who la­bel him, ex­treme, un­hinged, and ev­ery­thing short of a mad­man. It is true that Wag­ner him­self has sug­gested he should take some pills be­fore speak­ing, but his Trumpian as­sault on the Left is pre­cisely the ap­proach those work­ing to se­cure pro-growth poli­cies must take.

What the Left fears most is that the Right has caught onto their tac­tic of in­tim­i­dat­ing those who dis­agree with them into si­lence or at best timid and wa­tered down re­sponses.

That is why they have plunged the na­tion into the pol­i­tics of per­sonal de­struc­tion be­cause they know they can­not win an in­tel­lec­tual de­bate and if they can’t brow­beat their op­po­nents into si­lence then all that re­mains is to seek and de­stroy.

Amer­i­cans, how­ever, have an affinity for the un­der­dog and for the fighter. Deep down we are not the “safe space” na­tion the Left be­lieves in, we are a na­tion of do­ers, of fight­ers, of peo­ple who go out and ac­com­plish great things.

The fact the Left goes into melt­down when we fight back is proof pos­i­tive that we should de­mand our elected of­fi­cials at all lev­els be­come more ag­gres­sive in chal­leng­ing their poli­cies.

Af­ter all there is much truth to the old say­ing that all that is needed for evil to pre­vail is for good men to do noth­ing.

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