All Pi­o­neer Ath­letic Con­fer­ence Foot­ball Teams se­lected.

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Quar­ter­back: Cole Peter­lin, Perkiomen Val­ley Quar­ter­back: Ryan En­gro, Spring-Ford Run­ning Back: Mar­cus Martin, Owen J. Roberts Run­ning Back: Jon Moc­cia, Perkiomen Val­ley Re­ceiver: Isa­iah Domine, Perkiomen Val­ley Re­ceiver: Dante Bo­nanni, Spring-Ford Re­ceiver: Chris­tian Thomas, Nor­ris­town TE/Block­ing Back: Jamie Moc­cia, Boy­er­town Of­fen­sive Line­man: Ryan Kolan­der, Spring-Ford Of­fen­sive Line­man: Will Marotta, Perkiomen Val­ley Of­fen­sive Line­man: Tyler Wil­helm, Perkiomen Val­ley Of­fen­sive Line­man: Ar­naldo Mon­tagano, Owen J. Roberts Of­fen­sive Line­man: Ai­dan Hay­ward, Owen J. Roberts


De­fen­sive Line­man: Ar­naldo Mon­tagano, Owen J. Roberts De­fen­sive Line­man: Tonee El­lis, Methac­ton De­fen­sive Line­man: Ja­cob Ster­ling, Perkiomen Val­ley De­fen­sive End: Ai­dan Hay­ward, Owen J. Roberts De­fen­sive End: Nate Ork­fritz-Robin­son, Spring-Ford Out­side LB/DE: Zach Lomonaco, Perkiomen Val­ley In­side Line­backer: Hunter Ricci, Perkiomen Val­ley In­side Line­backer: Nick Del­Ro­mano, Spring-Ford In­side Line­backer: James Al­bert, Spring-Ford Strong Safety/OLB: Malik Smith, Perkiomen Val­ley De­fen­sive Back: Austin Row­ley, Perkiomen Val­ley De­fen­sive Back: Isa­iah Domine, Perkiomen Val­ley De­fen­sive Back: Alex Koretke, Spring-Ford


Quar­ter­back: Cooper Chamberlain, Owen J. Roberts Run­ning Back: Mike Torcini, Methac­ton Run­ning Back: Stephen Brill, Spring-Ford Run­ning Back: Xza­vier Gorski, Nor­ris­town Re­ceiver: Austin Row­ley, Perkiomen Val­ley Re­ceiver: Blaize Scar­celle, Spring-Ford Re­ceiver: Dante De­nardo, Owen J. Roberts TE/Block­ing Back: Ja­cob Sturm, Perkiomen Val­ley Of­fen­sive Line­man: Blake Ter­rizzi, Spring-Ford Of­fen­sive Line­man: Colby Stahl, Methac­ton Of­fen­sive Line­man: An­thony Bauer, Boy­er­town Of­fen­sive Line­man: Dante Ciocci, Spring-Ford Of­fen­sive Line­man: Kyle Rit­ten­house, Perkiomen Val­ley


De­fen­sive Line­man: Wal­ter Mol­ishus, Spring-Ford De­fen­sive Line­man: Mar­vens Ravix, Nor­ris­town De­fen­sive Line­man: Quadir Shedrick, Perkiomen Val­ley De­fen­sive End: Brett Kuiken, Perkiomen Val­ley De­fen­sive End: Car­son Flint, Boy­er­town Out­side LB/DE: Gary Knox, Methac­ton In­side Line­backer: Brent Ro­mano, Methac­ton In­side Line­backer: Ian Sordilla, Owen J. Roberts Strong Safety/OLB: Mike Torcini, Methac­ton De­fen­sive Back: Con­nor Leis­ter, Owen J. Roberts De­fen­sive Back: Naji Bec­cles, Nor­ris­town De­fen­sive Back: Dy­lan Robert­son, Boy­er­town De­fen­sive Back: An­drew Balek, Methac­ton


Quar­ter­back: Ka­mal Gray, Pope John Paul ll Run­ning Back: Isa­iah Tay­lor, Potts­grove Run­ning Back: Zaire Sav­age, Up­per Merion Re­ceiver: Steve Skar­bek, Pope John Paul ll Re­ceiver: Ji­mai Spring­field, Potts­grove Re­ceiver: Ne­hemiah Figueroa, Pottstown TE/Block­ing Back: Ryan Bodo­lus, Potts­grove TE/Block­ing Back: Marc Clay­ton, Up­per Merion Of­fen­sive Line­man: Marc Pi­cariello, Up­per Merion Of­fen­sive Line­man: Dar­rian Sea­man, Potts­grove Of­fen­sive Line­man: Destyn Sny­der, Pottstown Of­fen­sive Line­man: Justin Adams, Potts­grove Of­fen­sive Line­man: Tyler Hine, Phoenixville


De­fen­sive Line­man: Justin Adams, Potts­grove De­fen­sive Line­man: Don­tae Slocum, Up­per Merion De­fen­sive Line­man: Lo­gan Hollingsworth, Up­per Perkiomen De­fen­sive End: Kevin Jain­lett, Up­per Merion De­fen­sive End: Dar­rian Sea­man, Potts­grove Out­side LB/DE: Ryan Bodo­lus, Potts­grove In­side Line­backer: Marc Pi­cariello, Up­per Merion In­side Line­backer: Jay­den Tucker, Potts­grove Strong Safety/OLB: Isa­iah Glover, Potts­grove Strong Safety/OLB: Alex Wash­ing­ton, Phoenixville De­fen­sive Back: Ji­mai Spring­field, Potts­grove De­fen­sive Back: Taiyan Lob­ban, Up­per Merion De­fen­sive Back: Ne­hemiah Figueroa, Pottstown


Quar­ter­back: Jay Sisko, Potts­grove Run­ning Back: Alex Wash­ing­ton, Phoenixville Run­ning Back: Isa­iah Glover, Potts­grove Run­ning Back: A.J. Natale, Pope John Paul ll Re­ceiver: Taiyan Lob­ban, Up­per Merion Re­ceiver: C.J. McCaf­ferty, Pope John Paul ll Re­ceiver: Justin Kor­mos, Pope John Paul ll TE/Block­ing Back: Justin Mi­tala, Pope John Paul ll Of­fen­sive Line­man: Nate Tor­netta, Potts­grove Of­fen­sive Line­man: Ri­ley Decker, Up­per Perkiomen Of­fen­sive Line­man: Lo­gan Hollingsworth, Up­per Perkiomen Of­fen­sive Line­man: Sean An­der­son, Pope John Paul ll Of­fen­sive Line­man: Kevin Jain­lett, Up­per Merion


De­fen­sive Line­man: Nate Tor­netta, Potts­grove De­fen­sive Line­man: Matt Do­browol­ski, Pope John Paul ll De­fen­sive Line­man: Sean An­der­son, Pope John Paul ll De­fen­sive End: Xan­der Craw­ford, Phoenixville De­fen­sive End: Luke Whary, Up­per Perkiomen Out­side LB/DE: Michael Zelli, Up­per Merion In­side Line­backer: Mark Clay­ton, Up­per Merion In­side Line­backer: Dereck Dar­den, Pottstown In­side Line­backer: Justin Mi­tala, Pope John Paul ll Strong Safety/OLB: C.J. McCaf­ferty, Pope John Paul ll De­fen­sive Back: Ah­mad Stone, Up­per Merion De­fen­sive Back: Daniel Dar­den, Pottstown De­fen­sive Back: Justin Kor­mos, Pope John Paul ll


In ad­di­tion to Potts­grove’s Ryan Bodo­lus and Justin Adams (page D1), from top, Pottstown’s Ne­hemiah Figueroa, Potts­grove’s Dar­rian Sea­man, Potts­grove’s Ji­mai Spring­field, Owen J. Roberts’ Ar­naldo Mon­tagano, and, be­low from left, Owen J. Roberts’ Ai­dan Hay­ward, Perkiomen Val­ley’s Isa­iah Domine and Up­per Merion’s Marc Pi­cariello were two-way All-PAC first team se­lec­tions.

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