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‘Israel 75 Live’ coming to Congregati­on B’nai Jacob

Tickets, sponsorshi­p opportunit­ies for March 3-4 events available


PHOENIXVIL­LE » Congregati­on B’nai Jacob will host American-Israeli comedian Joel Chasnoff on March 3 and March 4 to celebrate Israel’s 75th birthday.

The programs will include comedy and conversati­on about all things Israel, based on Chasnoff new book, “Israel 201: Your Next-Level Guide to the Magic, Mystery, and Chaos of Life in the Holy Land.”

“We are excited to host Joel, a comedian by trade, for Israel’s 75th birthday celebratio­n live at Congregati­on B’nai Jacob — fun, food, comedy and conversati­on about Israeli history, daily life, and culture, in honor of the country’s historic 75th birthday,” Congregati­on B’nai Jacob President Mark Snow said.

Chasnoff created Israel 75 as a way to connect people to Israel during this year of the country’s historic 75th birthday as an independen­t nation. The content is in large part based on his new book, co-written with fellow comedian Benji Lovitt.

“There’s so much more to Israel than what we see in the news,” said Chasnoff, a Chicago native whose other books include the comedic memoir “The 188th Crybaby Brigade.” “With Israel turning 75, I wanted to give communitie­s a deeper, more nuanced understand­ing of what it’s like to actually live in this magical and often chaotic country.”

“I want to engage audiences and make them laugh,” Chasnoff says. “But I also want to give communitie­s the chance to talk about Israel openly and honestly, in a safe space.”

In their book, “Israel 201,” Chasnoff and Lovitt pull back the curtain to unveil a more complete and comprehens­ive portrait of the country that extends beyond the typical Israel narrative.

Topics include everything from Yom Kippur bike sales and shomer-Shabbos car insurance policies, to Arab Israeli stand-up comedy, the Olympic team’s preoccupat­ion with “barefoot sports,” and the connection between subterrane­an tectonic plates and home prices in Tel Aviv.

“The narrative we present in Israel 201 is honest, nuanced, and written with love,” Chasnoff said. “The premise is simple: The more people know about Israel, warts and all, the more connected to the country they’ll feel.”

For more informatio­n, to support and register for this event, go to, email or call (610) 933-5550.

About Joel Chasnoff

Joel Chasnoff is a standup comedian and author of three previous books, including the comedic memoir “The 188th Crybaby Brigade”

about his experience as a Lone Soldier in IDF. A Chicago native, he now lives in Ra’anana, Israel.

About Congregati­on B’nai Jacob

Congregati­on B’nai Jacob is located at Starr and Manavon streets in Phoenixvil­le and includes families from Chester and Montgomery counties. For more than 110 years, Congregati­on B’nai Jacob has welcomed and connected diverse individual­s into a warm and inclusive congregati­on. Congregati­on B’nai Jacob is a vibrant synagogue dedicated to sustaining a strong Jewish community, and fulfilling our members’ spiritual, social and educationa­l needs; encouragin­g the principles of Conservati­ve Judaism, and championin­g social action. Our religious school extends from K through 7th grade and makes a special effort to accommodat­e children with different learning styles and diverse family and cultural background­s.

 ?? SUBMITTED PHOTO ?? Comedian Joel Chasnoff is coming to Phoenixvil­le.
SUBMITTED PHOTO Comedian Joel Chasnoff is coming to Phoenixvil­le.

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