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It was a fun season riding the green wave

- By Terry Alburger

If you’re anything like me, your wardrobe over the past few weeks consisted primarily of green.

There was a definite elation permeating the widespread area around Philadelph­ia, united by a love for the Eagles. Most casual encounters between perfect strangers usually ended with a “Go Birds!”

There were none of the usual barriers — both the rich and the poor, those living in mansions and those living on the streets, bluecollar workers and whitecolla­r, the very young and the very old, even many four-legged residents of Philadelph­ia and all suburbs — they were united in this wave of green that had overcome us. We were one great big team.

And then came the Super Bowl. One horrible fumble and one bad call, and victory slipped away. But I have to say, it was a great game, and it certainly was exciting.

Yes, the outcome was not what we wanted, but still, to the end, we had pride in our team and a love of this great game. And that did not end as the final second of the clock ticked away.

Our boys in green gave us a season of which to be proud. Of the 32 teams in the NFL, only two were left standing at season’s end; only two cities could share in a hype that was the epitome of fun, preparatio­n in the quest of glory.

Pep rallies, parties, tailgating and shopping before the big game all contribute­d to the ever-growing excitement!

The other 30 teams could only look on with a bit of envy and struggle with the emptiness of an ended season. But not us, no! We rode that green wave all the way to Phoenix.

I am convinced that even our Birds, each team member, once the sting of this loss subsides, will begin to look to the future and plan on how to prepare for another great season, even better than this.

And that’s what I choose to do as well. Because that’s what we do. We are strong, we are resilient, we are proud of our teams because after all: It’s a Philly Thing.

Hey, wait, what’s that? Just cresting over the horizon … is that a wave of red I see?

Take heart, Philly sports fans, because baseball season fast approaches. See you at the Cit! But make no mistake, my heart is still green, and I won’t soon forget the ride on that fabulous green wave.

Thanks, Birds!

 ?? THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ?? Philadelph­ia Eagles fans cheer before Super Bowl LVII.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Philadelph­ia Eagles fans cheer before Super Bowl LVII.

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