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April is National Poetry month

- Written by brett A. Starr

A Poem for the KISS Army

For 100,000 years, or forty-eight.

Many songs did Kiss create

A great theatrical four-man band Entertaini­ng fans across the land

From Lick it Up, to I Confess

This shock-rock band just gave their best We Sure Know Something of lady Beth, She always made us take a breath

Black Diamond really had us Shout Kiss rocked our world, we let it out The Firehouse was Hotter than Hell Kiss’ music was like a magic spell

A Hard Luck Woman knew it to be true That I Was Made for Lovin’ You What happened in the Ladies’ Room? The bus was leavin’ Much Too Soon

With Nowhere to Run and Nothin’ to Lose My Reason to Live, the music I choose Strange Ways were Secretly Cruel

The Love Gun was their favorite tool

When Lightning Strikes, Tomorrow and Tonight,

It may Shock Me ‘till the mornin’ light Do You Love Me? Because I Sure Know Something

You’ve got Great Expectatio­ns, and you’ve got me hummin’

Your Reputation is Not for the Innocent It’s Never Enough, and yet magnificen­t I’m Alive and I Want You

‘Cause God Gave Rock-n-roll to You II

When I was Just a Boy, in my Flamin’ Youth At my Childhood’s End, All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose

I was Dreamin’ of being an All-american Man

It’s My Life to tour this land

I’ll be Rockin’ in the USA

And Watchin’ You every day

While the City Sleeps, I’ll See You in Your Dreams

Right Here Right Now, if you know what I mean.

The Street Giveth and the Street Taketh Away When you hit Rock Bottom, you’re there to stay

So, when you’re Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

Find your Modern Day Delilah, not Mr. Blackwell

Love’s a Deadly Weapon, it’s a Long Way Down

Lonely is the Hunter in this Jungle town Is That You, starin’ Into the Void?

I Know Who You Are, and the life not destroyed

I Finally Found my Way now I Walk Alone I’m a God of Thunder, with a heart of stone The Devil is Me, wherever I roam

With a bottle of Cold Gin, I’m Comin’ Home

When Creatures of the Night come In Your Face

And you’ve Nowhere to Run, without a trace Just take The Oath, and give it a twirl And be a King of the Night Time World

Raise Your Glasses, ‘cause Then She Kissed Me

Won’t you Take Me down to Detroit Rock City

I’m gonna Love Her All I Can

I’m a Legend Tonight, and a mortal man

I’m a Prisoner of Love, while I’m Alive Let’s Rise to It, and go for a ride

Outta This World, my poem’s nearly done I’ll Fight Hell to Hold You, A Million to One

Like a Thief in the Night, I Stole Your Love A World without Heroes, is what I think of Yes, I Know, we’re Under the Gun

Kiss had a song for everyone

Deuce always had the Magic Touch

The opening song came through in the clutch To break the ice and start the show

To Let Me Go, Rock and Roll

It seems like a Journey of 1,000 Years A Trial by Fire and when the Tears Are Fallin’ it couldn’t be clearer Forever as I look In the Mirror

Kiss’ shows took us on a Rocket ride

The entertainm­ent we experience­d felt good inside

There’s only one thing left to say Rock-n-roll All Night, and party every day!

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