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Pilgrims recap: Q&A with Plymouth’s Grindle

- By Rusty Nixon Sports Editor

Q — So did everybody survive a really long week last week?

A — It's been a long week but a really good week. It started with the sectional draw on Sunday, and we played two really good basketball teams that were trending like us, surging like us. A road game at St. Joe is a tough place to play against a team with some really good athletes.

It ended up being a big win for us and we carried that momentum over to the first half at New Prairie. We had a lull in the third quarter that made it a lot more interestin­g than it needed to be. It was good to see our guys battling through some adversity.

Over all two wins over two NIC schools that had been playing really well. It made for a nice week for us.

Q — Given where this team was just a year ago and where you are now you actually look comfortabl­e in those high pressure situations.

A — I think our players are getting comfortabl­e with each other. There is a comfort zone between coaches and players and our system and what we are trying to do. We can talk to each other and interact and there has been a tremendous growth especially over the last couple years with our seniors who just stayed the course.

For example Tuesday night Michael Sheely had a lot of poise. He caught an ear full from me on St. Joe's play (before the last possession). We've got a relationsh­ip where I know I can get on him because we are on the same page. He kept his poise and kept his cool and hit the winning shot against St. Joe.

Q — It's hard to believe just a few weeks ago the question was could you find more scoring and then the past two weeks you've had at least three guys in double figures each game.

A — That is one of the by products of a bad situation. Nobody wants to see Easton Strain hurt on the bench. Nobody wants to see Davis Wray hopping around on one leg unable to do a lot of the things that he can. But the things you are seeing now is Michael Sheely more than able to step up and get double figures. Preston Wolfe is more than capable of hitting shots but now he's playing on both ends of the floor. And what can you say about Kadyn Ellery in the last month. He's been fantastic.

Q — A second time around with Mishawaka, both of you have changed since early January, what do you see in them now?

A — We are both different teams and I really think you're going to see some different things.

The game on Tuesday will be a knock down, drag out war, a typical NLC game. Plymouth versus Mishawaka and what that means and what we are both known for.

We have to use things that we learned from the first game and have a better start and see where the chips fall.

They've had some adversity the same that we have.

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