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Bremen Town Council work session planned for Thursday to determine the future of park pool, Jackson St. Project

- By Angela Cornell Staff Writer

In light of the projects that the Town of Bremen has on the table right now, such as the park pool, the senior living establishm­ent renovation­s, and the Jackson St. Project, the Town Council will be meeting for a work session on March 16 at 9:30 at the Bremen Town Hall (111 S. Center St.) to determine project details, including potentiall­y downsizing them since all projects are over budget. along with the council, representa­tives from the Redevelopm­ent Commission will be in attendance.

Of the projects to be considered, the park pool project and the Jackson St. Project are going to be given the most attention, since they are Stellar Communitie­s Grant Projects that have yet to be completed. If the money isn’t used by the end of next year, the town loses the funds. at present, between the two projects—and before either begins—the town is more than $1 million over budget.

“I had heard through the grape vine that we were going to be raising some money and doing some things and whathave-you. The issue is that prior to applicatio­n [of further grants], we have to have all of that matched. It’s got to be a letter that that money has been earmarked and sitting in a fund or has been pledged by suchand-such and there’s a signed pledge commitment,” Shannon Mcleod, a grant writer from Priority Project Resources, Inc. explained. “So either we’re raising that amount of money and figuring it out—and we need to do that sooner than later so that I can get applicatio­ns in—or we’re going to have to potentiall­y look at maybe scaling back the scope.

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