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Counseling Credential. He is having trouble filling the position as it is classified; the changes will come with a possible salary decrease. Clarificat­ion will be sought as to whether those changes will result in a change of category for the position.

Sheriff Hassel also requested that his employee hours be moved up from 37.5 hours to 40 hours for a variety of reasons to include scheduling issues and balancing overtime.

Patterson said that the committee was agreeable to all those requests.

Plan Director Ty Adley approached the committee to request an increase from part time to full time for a Planning Commission employee; Patterson said the committee needs more informatio­n on that request before making a recommenda­tion.

Marshall County 4-H requested an additional position; according to Patterson the committee was not in favor of adding a full time position at this time. Feedback from the board was considered.

Bohannon recommende­d that feedback be sought from Municipal Advisor Steve Dalton for the Personnel Committee as they move forward in the decision making process.

American Rescue Committee Update


Councilman Tim Harman updated the Council that the Town of Lapaz sought funding for a Water Utility Service. Harman described the project as a “noble and legitimate form of local government”; but noted that the overall cost of $21 M created some pause in considerin­g affordabil­ity for a town with that population as the cost of the project resulted in a cost of $62,000 per household. Bohannon added that according to his calculatio­ns a project of this size would add a minimum of $120 per month per household to the people of Lapaz. Harman detailed that $430,000 was requested from the ARP funding to fund studies in order to move the project forward. Before a financial decision on funding will be made, the Town of Lapaz will need to obtain 85% approval from residents. That approval rate can be obtained through a survey. The committee would be willing to consider the financial request in more detail if the approval rate of 85% is obtained.

Budget and Finance Committee The Budget and Finance Committee had not yet met prior to the March meeting.

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