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Whether you are liv­ing pay­check to pay­check or have cash to spare at the end of the month, it’s wise to trim un­nec­es­sary costs. By spend­ing less on the things you need, you’ll have more for the things your fam­ily wants.

Do a quick as­sess­ment of the way you run your home and you may find some smart ways to save. From your laun­dry to your kitchen, Sun Prod­ucts, the mak­ers of Sun and Surf de­ter­gent is of­fer­ing a few help­ful ways to get started:

Thrifty kitchen

In the United States, up to 40 per­cent of food goes un­eaten, ac­cord­ing to the Nat­u­ral Re­sources De­fense Coun­cil.

In­stead of throw­ing good food gone bad in the garbage, plan your meals for the week in ad­vance. To pur­chase only what you need, make a list be­fore you go to the gro­cery store and stick to it. This is also a good way to pre­vent mak­ing ex­pen­sive im­pulse pur­chases.

If your home’s stor­age spa­ces al­low for it, con­sider buy­ing non-per­ish­able sta­ples in bulk. You can get cer­tain items at a deep dis­count this way.

Pare down your kitchen ex­penses even fur­ther by switch­ing from dis­pos­able to re­us­able items. For ex­am­ple, ditch the pa­per tow­els and nap­kins and buy a few sets of dish­cloths and cloth nap­kins in­stead. It may re­sult in a lit­tle bit of ex­tra laun­dry, but it’s well worth it.

Laun­dry for less

When shop­ping, read la­bels and stick to clothes that you can wash at home. By avoid­ing the dry cleaner and do­ing laun­dry at home, you’ll re­duce your clean­ing costs sig­nif­i­cantly.

You also don’t al­ways need hot wa­ter to get your clothes clean. In­stead, wash your clothes in cold wa­ter at a frac­tion of the cost.

Be sure to use a high-qual­ity multi-task­ing de­ter­gent known for long last­ing fresh­ness. For ex­am­ple, Sun Prod­ucts makes a va­ri­ety of de­ter­gents such as Surf and Sun.

Surf de­ter­gent, which at­tacks tough odors for fresher, cleaner clothes, is an af­ford­able de­ter­gent that won About. com’s 2013 Read­ers’ Choice Award for best-smelling laun­dry de­ter­gent and was named Prod­uct of the Year’s best liq­uid laun­dry de­ter­gent in 2013 (Sur­vey of 50,180 con­sumers con­ducted by TNS).

Sun de­ter­gent, on the other hand, has a Triple Clean for­mula, which cleans, fights stains, and fresh­ens. If you have sen­si­tive skin, you can try Sun Free & Clear, a hy­poal­ler­genic de­ter­gent, which is free of dyes and per­fumes, at a great value.

En­ergy econ­omy

Lights on and no­body home? Make a house­hold habit of turn­ing lights off and un­plug­ging un­used ap­pli­ances and elec­tron­ics when you exit a room. Also, con­sider swap­ping out your older ap­pli­ances for newer mod­els that are EN­ERGY STAR rated. Get more bang for your elec­tric bill buck by im­prov­ing the in­su­la­tion of your home. You’ll make the most of your cli­mate con­trol by caulk­ing around doors and win­dows and seal­ing up cracks and wall cav­i­ties.

In the months ahead, the amount you save on util­ity bills will go well be­yond off­set­ting the up­front costs.


Trim un­nece­sary costs by spend­ing less on the things you need. By do­ing a quick as­sess­ment of the way you run your home, you may find some smart ways to save.

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