How to con­serve and pro­tect wa­ter

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Wa­ter is so abun­dant that it’s eas­ily taken for granted. Ac­cord­ing to the United States Ge­o­log­i­cal Sur­vey, about 71 per­cent of the planet’s sur­face is cov­ered by wa­ter, roughly 97 per­cent of which is in the world’s oceans. Wa­ter below the sur­face of the ground is crit­i­cal to life, cre­at­ing vi­able habi­tats that help plants and an­i­mals thrive.

Although wa­ter is plen­ti­ful, some ar­eas have an abun­dance of wa­ter while oth­ers do not. As a re­sult, peo­ple need to work col­lec­tively to pro­tect the world’s wa­ter and en­sure a healthy planet for cen­turies to come.


Con­serv­ing wa­ter is im­por­tant, as a sub­stan­tial amount of re­sources are needed to trans­port, pump, pro­cure, treat, and store wa­ter for pub­lic use. En­ergy is also ex­pended to treat sewage. By con­serv­ing wa­ter, we con­serve en­ergy. The fol­low­ing are a few ways to con­serve wa­ter.

• Turn off the wa­ter while you brush your teeth.

• Wa­ter a lawn or plants when they are not ex­posed to di­rect sun­light. When a lawn or gar­den is wa­tered dur­ing peak sun­light hours, a sig­nif­i­cant amount of wa­ter will be lost to evap­o­ra­tion.

• Only run the dish­washer or wash­ing ma­chine when it has a full load. • Pur­chase wa­ter-ef­fi­cient ap­pli­ances. • Use rain­wa­ter to ir­ri­gate the lawn and gar­den.


It’s im­por­tant to pro­tect as well as con­serve wa­ter. The fol­low­ing are a hand­ful of ways to pro­tect wa­ter sup­plies.

• Ap­ply pes­ti­cides and fer­til­iz­ers spar­ingly, and only do so when the fore­cast is not calling for rain, which can cause runoff, send­ing chem­i­cals into ground­wa­ter and lo­cal wa­ter sup­plies.

• Re­cy­cle and dis­pose of house­hold chem­i­cals prop­erly.

• In­stead of wash­ing your car at home, have it cleaned at a com­mer­cial car wash that uses eco-friendly clean­ing prod­ucts and re­cy­cled wa­ter.

• Prop­erly dis­pose of pet waste to pro­tect against pathogens that can con­tam­i­nate sur-

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