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Sykesville council approves borough office improvemen­ts

- By Larry McGuire

SYKESVILLE — The Sykesville Borough Council voted to perform some improvemen­ts to the current borough building at this week’s meeting.

Council member Gabriel Sweka said the borough office needs new drywall and a ceiling in the foyer. It also needs to remove the old stained carpeting and replace it with a vinyl wood floor.

Sweka made a motion, seconded by Elaine Fike, vice president, to obtain estimates to remodel the current borough office building.

In other business:

• Hydrant flushing is going to begin May 16, and will continue for three weeks.

• A no parking ordinance for winter weather was approved to go into effect.

• Unsafe structure building ordinance: Council President Michele Yamrick said a recent incident showed flaws in the borough’s current ordinance.

“We had a very outdated ordinance regarding unsafe structures,” Yamrick said, adding that the borough has to have a committee and can appoint the police or fire chief to make a determinat­ion in place of a

code enforcemen­t officer.

• Sykesville Fire Department: Council approved a payment to be made in the amount of $18,978.01. The invoice for the insurance for the trucks is $3,892.

• Council discussed paying employees to discuss business on the phone over the weekend.

• A property on Cleveland

Street was discussed in executive session. A $150 bill needs to be paid. The owner of property was provided with the names of organizati­ons that can assist him with the house. Following that, a motion was made by Sherry Pruzinsky and seconded by Nathan Alvetro to provide the resources to the owner and pay the bill. It carried.

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