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State details available loan repayment funding for substance treatment education


YORK — The Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) visited WellSpan Health START (Specialize­d Treatment and Recovery Team) Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic on Tuesday to highlight the $10 million available through the substance use disorder (SUD) loan repayment program.

“We must ensure that all individual­s living with a substance use disorder are able to receive quality care in their communitie­s,” said Secretary Jen Smith. “By removing some of the burden of debt associated with the cost of education, we are incentiviz­ing profession­als to remain in the substance use disorder treatment field and help Pennsylvan­ians who need it most.”

This program is aimed toward aiding SUD treatment and Single County Authority (SCA)-funded case management profession­als with repaying their outstandin­g qualifying educationa­l loans. High rates of turnover and shortages of health care profession­als have placed increased pressure on employee recruitmen­t and retention, as well as access to care for Pennsylvan­ia residents seeking SUD treatment and supports. Through this SUD loan repayment program, DDAP will provide loan repayment opportunit­ies as an incentive to retain SUD practition­ers willing to continue providing services within the commonweal­th.

“We know our friends and neighbors are struggling with addiction, and importantl­y, we know that treatment works,” said Dr. Mitchell Crawford, director of addiction services at WellSpan Health. “The support from the Substance Use Disorder Loan Repayment Program will help improve access to that needed treatment by keeping our talented colleagues engaged in this work, and this will save lives.”

Applicatio­ns must be submitted via the online applicatio­n portal by May 26, 2022.

Eligible practition­ers must currently provide SUD treatment or SCA-funded case management services at approved practice sites and meet the requiremen­ts in Section 6 of the Project Summary. Selected candidates must demonstrat­e a minimum of two prior years of experience in the SUD field as well as agree to a service commitment of two additional years. Grant agreements will be awarded based on the availabili­ty of funding. Practition­ers can apply for an amount up to $100,000, contingent on occupation and work experience.

Award amounts and number of awards will

depend upon the number of applicatio­ns received meeting the criteria of this Grant Initiative Funding Applicatio­n (GIFA), the amount of grant assistance being requested, and the amount of available grant assistance to be awarded.

This funding opportunit­y is made possible from the Opioid Settlement Fund (McKinsey) and Pennsylvan­ia’s Medical Marijuana Program Fund.


visit the Funding Opportunit­ies page on the DDAP website. Questions regarding the grants and

the applicatio­n process should be emailed to RA-DAGrantsMg­mt@

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