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Happy birth­day: for Thurs­day, Dec. 6. This year you will land like a cat, on all fours. The next 12months could be un­usu­ally for­tu­nate for you. You have started a new 12-year luck cy­cle. If you have a cer­tain goal, go for it. If you are sin­gle, you could meet some­one who eas­ily be­comes a life­long ro­man­tic part­ner. You will find it easy to get along with this per­son. If you are at­tached, the two of you could get into tiff after tiff. Re­spect your dif­fer­ences, and give your sig­nif­i­cant other the space to be him- or her­self. SAGIT­TAR­IUS will ex­pe­ri­ence a new be­gin­ning in the next few months. Aries (March 21-April 19):

★★★ You might have been think­ing about a plan and fi­nally have come to a con­clu­sion. Once more, you be­come Mr. or Ms. Friendly. Oth­ers will re­joice at see­ing the hap­pier you re­turn. Still, some­one could be­come some­what dif­fi­cult. Tonight: Weigh the pros and cons of tak­ing a trip. Tau­rus (April 20-May

20): ★★★★ You will be dis­tanc­ing your­self un­til it be­comes ob­vi­ous that you need to deal with a sit­u­a­tion that could im­plode. Ex­press­ing your car­ing is im­por­tant, es­pe­cially when deal­ing with an older rel­a­tive. A call to some­one at a dis­tance will mean a lot. Tonight: Till the wee hours. Gem­ini (May 21-June 20):

★★★★ A part­ner seems to have as­sumed con­trol of a key mat­ter. This change of re­spon­si­bil­i­ties could be all right with you; how- ever, you might want to dis­cuss the long-term im­pli­ca­tions of the sit­u­a­tion. A con­ver­sa­tion like this is im­por­tant. Tonight: Choose to do some­thing new. Can­cer (June 21-July 22):

★★★★ You’ll be taken aback by a per­sonal mat­ter. The other party could be overly as­sertive, which might cause you to feel cor­nered. Ini­ti­ate an im­por­tant one-on-one dis­cus­sion; in fact, in­sist on it. The bal­ance of power will level off as a re­sult. Tonight: Be with a fa­vorite per­son.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22): ★★★ Your mood quickly changes mid­day. You are best when net­work­ing and so­cial­iz­ing. Now is the time to kick back and be spon­ta­neous. You might hear some­one ex­press his or her frus­tra­tion; be­hind those feel­ings is an im­por­tant mes­sage. Tonight: Lis­ten to a sug­ges­tion. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): ★★★★ You could be quite cre­ative in the morn­ing when faced with a dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tion. Lighten up and have an im­por­tant dis­cus­sion once oth­ers seem more re­laxed. The tone of those around you will be more sig­nif­i­cant than you might re­al­ize. Tonight: Make it early. Li­bra (Sept. 23- Oct. 22):

★★★★ You have been tena­cious and dili­gent about get­ting a project done. You also feel em­pow­ered by its com­ple­tion and by the com­ments you get. Later to­day, brain­storm with oth­ers to cre­ate and firm up a fun idea. Not ev­ery­thing has to be busi­ness. Tonight: All smiles. Scor­pio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21):

★★★ You won’t hes­i­tate to ex­press your opin­ions, but you could come off a lot sterner than you re­al­ize. The key to suc­cess will be fol­low­ing through on a par­tic­u­lar sit­u­a­tion and main­tain­ing a lighter at­ti­tude. Oth­ers will open up more eas­ily as a re­sult. Tonight: Get a lot done. Sagit­tar­ius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21):

★★★ Check out the cost of pro­ceed­ing as you have been. Some­one might be more than ready to chip in and help. Know that all the re­spon­si­bil­ity does not have to land on your shoul­ders. Make a point to ac­cept some­one’s ges­ture as it was meant. Tonight: Make week­end plans. Capri­corn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19):

★★★★★ Zero in on what you want. You’ll have many sup­port­ers at the present mo­ment, which in­creases your chances of achiev­ing what you de­sire. You come off as far more sen­si­tive than you think. You can’t al­ways hide your feel­ings. Tonight: What­ever puts a smile on your face. Aquar­ius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): ★★★★ You might be slow to start, but once you get go­ing, you are a for­mi­da­ble force to stop. You know what you want, and have no in­ten­tion of set­tling. Some­one at a dis­tance could play a sig­nif­i­cant role. Tonight: If you can dream it, you are likely to be able to con­jure it up. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20):

★★★ You have a mat­ter that you would pre­fer to keep un­der wraps. Some­one might try to coax it out of you, but you will re­sist. Be care­ful if you don’t want to spill the beans. A part­ner or as­so­ciate will make an ef­fort to dis­cuss an is­sue that you both are well aware of. Tonight: Do for you. Born to­day: Soc­cer player Tim Cahill (1979), pi­anist Dave Brubeck (1920), ac­tress Ste­fanie Scott (1996)

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