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DEARHELOISE >> What are the BEST TIMES TO TRAVEL? My hus­band and I want to go to Europe, but my hus­band hates crowds and wait­ing in line. — Eleanor T., Taos, N. M.

DEARELEANORT. >> Eleanor, the best time of year is prob­a­bly be­fore Me­mo­rial Day and after La­bor Day. Sum­mer and hol­i­days are gen­er­ally busy times of the year, with tourists book­ing ho­tels and events, and longer lines to visit tourist at­trac­tions.

DEARHELOISE >> My wife and I love to travel. We’ve learned a few things over the years to en­sure a safe and fun va­ca­tion:

• Buy travel in­sur­ance. • Pho­to­copy all im­por­tant doc­u­ments. Carry a copy with you.

• Alert your bank and credit card com­pa­nies of your plans.

• Carry a bot­tle of wa­ter on the plane and stay hy­drated.

This gives us peace of mind so we can en­joy our trip.

— Bill and Emily in San An­to­nio

DEARHELOISE >> Please tell me how to clean ar­ti­fi­cial plants. Mine are dusty. — Al­ice G., Sag­i­naw, Mich.

DEARALICEG.>> Al­ice, use a mi­crofiber cloth to dust the leaves. Care­fully hold the leaves and gen­tly wipe each one. These cloths are great for dust­ing just about any­thing!

DEARHELOISE >> Liv­ing in South­east Ok­la­homa, where it gets very hot, I have tried to limit open­ing the re­frig­er­a­tor to a min­i­mum. After meals, I gather all the left­overs by the side and place all the items in at one time, thus sav­ing the cold from es­cap­ing each time the door is opened. — Judy H., Soper, Okla.

DEARHELOISE >> I send lit­tle gifts to friends and my grand­kids. Usu­ally, I don’t get any “thank-yous.” I know I need to stop send­ing gifts un­less peo­ple send a thank-you. I feel bad, be­cause I was raised to ac­knowl­edge a gift with a thankyou of some kind.

— Sandy R., Wood­land Hills, Calif.

DEARSANDYR.>> Sandy, good man­ners are classy and po­lite. If your grand­kids haven’t been taught to show a lit­tle ap­pre­ci­a­tion with a thank-you, talk to their mother or fa­ther and ask why. If you don’t get a thank-you by tele­phone call, email or note­card, then stop send­ing things to the peo­ple who do not ac­knowl­edge your thought­ful­ness.

DEARHELOISE >> Our two cats are in­door cats that do not go out­side. Both are res­cued males that were born to a feral mother. My wife wants to have them neutered and get their shots, but I think that’s un­nec­es­sary since they do not go out­side. What do you sug­gest we should do?

— Frank J., Pi­geon Forge, Tenn.

DEARFRANKJ.>> Frank, get your pets neutered and have the vet give them their shots. If one of them got out, it could fa­ther a lit­ter of kit­tens, and the world does not need any more stray kit­tens. Neutered male cats are usu­ally cleaner and less ag­gres­sive. The shots pro­tect your pet from dis­eases trans­mit­ted by other an­i­mals. Your vet­eri­nar­ian will let you know which shots you need, then fol­low his or her ad­vice.

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