Spirit Holis­tic Cen­ter purges low en­ergy

Holis­tic Cen­ter purges low en­ergy from day­light sav­ings and new moon with rit­ual

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The Spirit Holis­tic Cen­ter in Boy­er­town pro­vides sev­eral ser­vices and prod­ucts to help you feel bet­ter.

Ev­ery­one started their week on Sun­day by set­ting their clocks back one hour for Day­light Sav­ings Time. While gain­ing an hour in the day may seem like a bonus ini­tially, there are sev­eral stud­ies and doc­u­men­ta­tion that show the chang­ing of time can lead to sev­eral health is­sues.

An ar­ti­cle pub­lished in the jour­nal Sleep Medicine Re­views stated, “The au­tumn tran­si­tion is of­ten pop­u­lar­ized as a gain of one hour of sleep but there is lit­tle ev­i­dence of ex­tra sleep that night.”

The ar­ti­cle went on to ex­plain that the time dif­fer­ence can re­sult in the loss of sleep for the rest of the week. The jour­nal stated that lack of sleep can lead to sev­eral other ad­verse ef­fects such as a change in health and reg­u­lar be­hav­iors. Those who lack sleep are more likely to be ir­ri­ta­ble which can im­pact some­one’s en­tire mood or men­tal health state.

The hour set­back might not be the only rea­son peo­ple are find­ing it hard to keep their eyes open. The moon in the sky or lack thereof may also have some­thing to do with it.

Nikole Ack­ley is the owner of the Spirit Holis­tic Cen­ter in Boy­er­town.

The shop opened in 2016 and pro­vides many prod­ucts and ser­vices such as crys­tal heal­ing, detoxes and mas­sages. The cen­ter also has reg­u­lar events such as the New Moon Rit­ual held at the shop on Wed­nes­day evening.

Ack­ley said each month’s full moon and new moon have a spe­cial sig­nif­i­cance and dif­fer­ent ef­fect on peo­ple. She said a lot of it has to do with how the stars are aligned.

“It’s a tired time be­cause you can’t get enough sleep,” she said. “New moons are re­ally re­flec­tive times, a time to go in­ward.”

Ack­ley said it’s a good idea to use this time to purge and get rid of old pat­terns.

At­ten­dees of the New Moon Rit­ual par­tic­i­pated in sev­eral ac­tiv­i­ties to rid the low en­ergy ef­fect of the cy­cle as well as to set pos­i­tive goals for the fu­ture.

Ack­ley set the tone for the evening by burn­ing the herb sage and do­ing a smudg­ing rit­ual. The semi-sweet aroma filled the room and white puffs of smoke es­caped the burn­ing sage as Ack­ley lightly waved the herb around the space and over peo­ple in a cleans­ing mo­tion.

Smudg­ing is a tra­di­tional prac­tice of indige­nous peo­ple that in­volves burn­ing medic­i­nal herbs such as cedar, sweet­grass and sage. The rit­ual is in­tended to get peo­ple to slow down and cen­ter them­selves, so they may let go of neg­a­tive thoughts.

Af­ter the smudg­ing at the Spirit Holis­tic Cen­ter, par­tic­i­pants wrote down in­ten­tional goals by start­ing with the words “I am.”

“I am hon­or­ing my body,” said Sarah Mills, of Boy­er­town, out loud to the group.

She added, “My body will go through days where it’s just not at 100 per­cent.”

Mills ex­plained that her goal is to no longer get burnt out on such days but to make sure she rest when her body tells her it’s time to do so.

Mills wasn’t the only per­son of the group that shared some of their goals with ev­ery­one. Many of the goals were sim­i­lar of­ten in­volv­ing cre­at­ing time for self and com­mit­ting to health­ier ways.

Ack­ley said the new moon does have the ten­dency to make peo­ple feel less en­er­gized, but the feel­ing may be height­ened dur­ing this time be­cause of the chang­ing of the sea­sons.

“Sea­sonal de­pres­sion is a very real thing,” she said.

Ac­cord­ing to an ar­ti­cle pub­lished on the Na­tional Li­brary of Medicine and Na­tional In­sti­tutes of Health web­site, Sea­sonal Af­fec­tive Dis­or­der, or SAD, is ma­jor de­pres­sion that re­turns ev­ery sea­son. It of­ten hap­pens dur­ing the fall and win­ter months. The “win­ter blues” as some call it, in­clude feel­ings of sad­ness, anx­i­ety, ir­ri­tabil­ity and more.

Ack­ley said she thinks this time is meant for peo­ple to face their fears and con­front some of the darker truths about them­selves. She added that once peo­ple ac­knowl­edge those thoughts then they can purge and cre­ate room for pos­i­tiv­ity.

“It’s a very slow, re­flec­tive time and if you’re not tak­ing ad­van­tage of that then you’ll feel it,” she said.

Ack­ley said al­though this is a busy sea­son for most with all the hol­i­days, that it’s im­por­tant peo­ple make time to re­lax and re­ju­ve­nate by do­ing some­thing they en­joy.

For more in­for­ma­tion about the Spirit Holis­tic Cen­ter, visit the web­site at www.spiritholis­tic­cen­ter.com or call 484-415-0550.


Kris­ten Peek, of Barto, gets cleansed with a burn­ing sage stick by Nikole Ack­ley, the owner of the Spirit Holis­tic Cen­ter in Boy­er­town. The rit­ual is used to get rid of low en­ergy and neg­a­tive thoughts.

The Spirit Holis­tic Cen­ter in Boy­er­town pro­vides sev­eral ser­vices and prod­ucts such as crys­tals, es­sen­tial oils, in­cense and more.

Sarah Mills, of Boy­er­town, smiles as she is cleansed with the scent and smoke of a burn­ing sage stick while Nikole Ack­ley per­forms a smudg­ing rit­ual at her shop the Spirit Holis­tic Cen­ter in Boy­er­town.

Nikole Ack­ley, owner of the Spirit Holis­tic Cen­ter in Boy­er­town, uses a burn­ing sage stick to cleanse the space and a par­tic­i­pant of a New Moon Rit­ual, Stephanie Dubeck, of Barto.

The Spirit Holis­tic Cen­ter in Boy­er­town opened in 2016. In ad­di­tion to sell­ing prod­ucts, the owner holds sev­eral reg­u­lar events at the space, in­clud­ing rit­u­als.

Nikole Ack­ley trav­els around the room with a burn­ing stick of sage as she per­forms a smudg­ing rit­ual at the shop she owns called the Spirit Holis­tic Cen­ter.

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