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Eagles fans get a behind-the-scenes look at the Linc

- By Terry Alburger

Each Sunday from August through January (and if we’re lucky, into February!), hundreds of thousands of fans either tune in or head to Philadelph­ia to Lincoln Financial Field to watch the Eagles play.

I include myself in that number. Each week I am focused on the team on the field, watching the plays and cheering loudly for the Birds. I never once gave a thought to the incredible facility that is Lincoln Financial Field, affectiona­tely knows as The Linc.

I recently took a group of about 40 residents of Brittany Pointe Estates, die-hard Eagles fans, for a behind-the-scenes tour, where we were enlightene­d regarding some incredible facts of our Eagles’ nest.

As of 2013, the Linc was considered one of the greenest stadiums in the

NFL. To that end, several energy-efficient changes were made: 11,000 solar panels were added outside, and 14 wind turbines were installed on top of the stadium. These installati­ons accounted for 30% of the electricit­y used to run the stadium.

Recently the wind turbines were removed as they were in need of repair, but the plan is to reinstall them. The solar panels are still going strong. That same year, the Linc made PETA’s list of “Vegetarian­Friendly NFL Stadiums” for the fourth year in a row.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the building, to me, is the addition of a Sensory Room installed by the Eagles organizati­on. The Linc has been officially certified as a sensory-inclusion stadium, the first sports franchise to build this kind of state-ofthe-art sensory room.

It was presented by Children’s Hospital of Philadelph­ia, a partner in the

Eagles Autism Challenge, which was created to help families impacted by autism. This room was built to help assure that Eagles games could be enjoyed by all, even those with sensory issues.

In one of the loudest stadiums in this country, this room is an oasis from that roar. Anyone overwhelme­d can take refuge for as long as necessary in this amazing place.

Perhaps just as impressive is the dedication of the staff to the care of this Philadelph­ia landmark. Year-round, the staff cleans the stadium from top to bottom, each seat, each railing each level and of course, the field, several times a week.

And, after a rain, this process is repeated, to maintain the pristine condition. The grass is maintained with impressive care, keeping it between a quarter- and a half-inch in length.

Every staff member we

met along our tour was kind, enthusiast­ic, energetic and knowledgea­ble in their specific area. How refreshing it was to see that!

While everything about the Linc was awesome, the piece-de-resistance was the locker room. To walk in the room where some of our favorite players of the past and the present

have walked, warmed up and been pumped up, have celebrated huge wins and suffered devastatin­g losses, to see where they geared up and donned those Eagles jerseys, it was very exciting.

Then to walk through the tunnel towards the field, to the blaring sounds of “For Those About to Rock, We Salute

You” by AC/DC… it was quite the experience!

Things sometimes are a lot more than they seem. The Linc is not just a building, and the Eagles are not just a sports team. I am proud to be a fan of such a fine organizati­on, one that strives to make a difference in a positive way. On and off the field, fly, Eagles, fly!

 ?? WIKIMEDIA COMMONS ?? Lincoln Financial Field is the home of the Philadelph­ia Eagles.
WIKIMEDIA COMMONS Lincoln Financial Field is the home of the Philadelph­ia Eagles.

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