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Ready for Take Off: The Vacaville Museum hosts Aubrey Matthews


Vacaville, CA: The Vacaville Museum will be hosting Aubrey Matthews, an expert on The Tuskegee Airmen history, on February 4th, 2023. Mr. Matthews is the second speaker in the Museums ‘Aviation Forum’, a speaker series that is running in conjunctio­n with their exhibit ‘Solano Skies: A History of Aviation in Solano County.’

Mr. Aubrey Matthews, a Vietnam Veteran, was born in Boulder, Colorado before relocating to California and graduating from Vallejo High School in 1966. Mr. Matthews interest in The Tuskegee Airmen began through his own extensive military career, where he fostered a love for not only aviation but history. Working as an Airframe Technician, Aubrey was Active

Duty, U.S. Air Force from January 1967 until his Honorable Discharge in January of 1971. He continued his career and passion of aircrafts working in places such as Mare Island, Travis Airforce Base, and Corpus Christi, Texas. Mr. Matthews is a former President, Historian, and Young Eagles coordinato­r of Lee A. Archer, Jr. Chapter, Tuskegee Airmen Inc., Travis AFB as well as the former President and Young Eagles Coordinato­r of Experiment­al Aircraft Associatio­n, (EAA) Chapter 1230, Nut Tree Airport, Vacaville. Aubrey has spent years traveling to exhibits and meeting Tuskegee Airmen, in order to collect informatio­n and knowledge about their legacy. To celebrate Black History Month, and acknowledg­e the remarkable contributi­on that The Tuskegee Airmen made in the fight for equality in the military, as well as honor their service to our Country, Aubrey will be discussing the formation of their unit, as well as how it impacted the air force and US history.

The Vacaville Museum is a nonprofit, membership supported organizati­on that is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and interpreti­ng Solano County history. Aubrey Matthews’ will be speaking at The Vacaville Museum, located at 213 Buck Avenue in Vacaville on February 4th at 3 pm. The event is free to the public, with donations encouraged. Please call The Vacaville Museum at 707-447-4513 with any questions. For more informatio­n on future speakers please visit us on Instagram @TheVacavil­leMuseum.

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