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Council to revisit apartment decision

- By Rebecca Wasik rwasik@thereporte­

On Tuesday, the Vacaville City Council will revisit the planned developmen­t of the Southtown Apartments.

Located at the northwest corner of Leisure Town Road and Redstone Parkway, the Southtown Apartments project was approved by planning commission­ers Aug. 16, 2022. On Nov. 15, 2022, the City Council voted to deny the the project applicatio­n.

On Dec. 20, TA Leisure Town, LLC filed a Petition for Writ of Mandate and Complaint for Inverse Condemnati­on and Declarator­y Relief against the City of Vacaville and City Council in Solano County Superior Court.

On Feb. 28, the city executed a settlement agreement with TA Leisure Town LLC. Provisions include a revised parking plan with more onsite parking to reduce street parking by about 50%, as well as substantia­l funding from the applicant for city police and fire services. If these revisions are approved by City Council, litigation will be dismissed. If the revisions are denied, litigation will continue.

On Feb. 28, the City Council also directed staff to agendize the Southtown Apartments project and any proposed project modificati­ons for Tuesday's meeting.

The Council is being asked to rescind the Nov. 15 decision and reconsider the planned developmen­t and related environmen­tal impact documents by a two-thirds vote.

Discussion on the matter will include parking, landscapin­g, contributi­on to police and fire services and environmen­tal review.

In other business, the City Council will hear a resolution to approve the California Board of State and Community Correction­s grant award to supplement the Vacaville Police Department's Wellness and Mental Health program allocation for the 2022-23 fiscal year funding. The requested amount is $70,208.27.

The Council will also be asked to initiate an amendment to the general plan map by changing

the land use designatio­n of the Millennium Center on Browns Valley Road from private recreation to commercial office.

The last item on the meeting's agenda will be a two-year update on the

City's COVID-19 Economic Recovery Strategy.

City Council will meet at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Council Chamber at City Hall, 650 Merchant St. The meeting can be viewed online at https://www. and­ville/streams.

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