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40% of California has at least 1 dose; J&J pause may last another week

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California will likely have to continue its COVID-19 vaccinatio­n campaign for at least several more days without the single-dose vaccine from Johnson & Johnson at its disposal, as federal regulators are expected to keep that vaccine on pause through late next week.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Food and Drug Administra­tion on Tuesday recommende­d providers pause giving the J&J shots following six reported cases of a rare but severe clotting condition in recipients.

California followed the recommenda­tion and directed providers to pause administer­ing those doses the same day.

A CDC advisory committee plans to meet April 23 for an “emergency meeting” to discuss the J&J vaccine, delaying its redeployme­nt at least a week. The committee met this Wednesday but decided not to make a recommenda­tion until the issue was investigat­ed further.

Gov. Gavin Newsom said earlier this week that the pause is not expected to substantia­lly impact California’s vaccinatio­n timeline, citing the fact that J&J made up only 4% of this week’s federal allocation­s. J&J’s proportion was low in large part because of a recent U.S. manufactur­ing issue that was constraini­ng supply nationwide.

Newsom also said the state is still on track to fully reopen its economy on its target date of June 15.

California on Thursday opened vaccine eligibilit­y to all ages 16 and older. Sacramento County health officials said the expansion would release “pent-up demand” for doses among the general population, and that it may take a few weeks for everyone who wants a vaccine to be able to schedule one.

The CDC reported this week that a little more than 2 million total doses of Pfizer and Moderna’s two-dose vaccines have been allotted to California for next week, up from about 1.9 million this week. Sacramento County’s allocation for next week is 22,000 doses — up from roughly 20,000 this week, but fewer than the

30,000-plus delivered last week that included 12,000 from J&J.

Providers in the state have administer­ed at least

24,672,255 doses of COVID-19 vaccines, the California Department of Public Health said in a Friday update, having injected 80% of the nearly

31 million shipped to the state.

More than 9.77 million in California are now fully vaccinated, and another

6.4 million are partially vaccinated. That represents another milestone: at over 16 million, more than

40% of California­ns are now at least partially vaccinated. The rate is now 52% for California­ns 18 and older.


These are the totals for combined first and second doses, administer­ed through Thursday, as reported by the state public health department, by recipient county of residence.

Sacramento: 867,808

(55,346 doses per

100,000 residents)

El Dorado: 111,988

(57,995 doses per


Placer: 259,786

(64,876 doses per


Yolo: 148,977 (66,623 doses per 100,000)

Here is what percentage of each county’s total population is fully and partially vaccinated, according to CDPH data.

Sacramento: 22.8% fully vaccinated, 34.1% at least partially vaccinated

El Dorado: 24.2% fully vaccinated, 35.9% at least partially vaccinated

Placer: 27.2% fully vaccinated, 39.1% at least partially vaccinated

Yolo: 26.6% fully vaccinated, 41.9% at least partially vaccinated

Figures may be undercount­s due to data reporting delays.

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