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A hand­ful of unop­posed races saw Repub­li­cans Jean Ray­mond (Town Su­per­vi­sor 286), Denise Fer­gu­son (Town Clerk - 288), Wayne Seelow (High­way Su­per­in­ten­dent 278), Faye Frasier (Tax Col­lec­tor - 283), and Town Coun­cil can­di­dates Toby Ed­wards (272) and Janet Jo­hans­son

(260) all win­ning. Gal­way

Repub­li­cans Ali­son Thomas-Oravsky (Town Jus­tice - 451) and Town Coun­cil can­di­dates James Arnold, Jr. (420) Joanne Pere­grim-Grant (412) all ran unop­posed.


Repub­li­can Daniel Pem­rick ran unop­posed for Town Su­per­vi­sor, col­lect­ing 768 votes; Repub­li­can Louise Okoniewski ran unop­posed for Town Clerk, gar­ner­ing 814 votes; and Repub­li­cans Mary Ann John­son (785) and Ty Stacey (761) were unop­posed in race for Town Coun­cil.


Repub­li­cans won five un­con­tested races with Arthur Wright (187) for

Town Su­per­vi­sor, Pauline Smead (185) for Town Clerk, Robert Haak, Sr. (185) for Town Jus­tice, Kather­ine Austin (185) for Tax Col­lec­tor and Colleen DeMarsh (178) and Charles Ovitt, Jr. (175) for Town Coun­cil. Malta In a con­tested race for two Town Coun­cil seats, Repub­li­cans Ti­mothy Dunn (1,946 votes) and Craig Warner (1,712) were the ap­par­ent win­ners, with Demo­crat Matthew Coldrick (1,539) plac­ing third.

Repub­li­cans cap­tured the other four un­con­tested races with Dar­ren O’Con­nor (2,301) for Town Su­per­vi­sor, Jen­nifer Holmes-Golden (2,296), Roger Cran­dall (2,311) for High­way Su­per­in­ten­dent, and Can­dace Sch­midt (2,282) for Tax Col­lec­tor win­ning.


Demo­crat Thomas Richard­son (441 votes) ran unop­posed for Town Su­per­vi­sor, while Repub­li­can Mark Se­ber (472) ran unop­posed for Ac­counts Com­mis­sioner.


Demo­crat Benny Zlot­nick, Jr. was the ap­par­ent win­ner in the race for Town Su­per­vi­sor, de­feat­ing Scott Os­tran­der, 2,0581,826. Democrats ap­peared to sweep the two Town Coun­cil seats as well, with Bar­bara Kerr (2,089) and Ryan Isach­sen (1,938) plac­ing ahead of An­to­nio Bianchi (1,745) and Me­gan Soden (1,720).

Repub­li­cans Brenda Howe (Town Clerk - 2,851), David Forbes (High­way Su­per­in­ten­dent - 2,999) and Lisa Wan­its (Tax Col­lec­tor - 2,940) all ran unop­posed.


Demo­crat John Dono­hue was the ap­par­ent win­ner of one of two Town Coun­cil seats with 1,283 votes, with Repub­li­can

Gina LeClair (1,268) plac­ing sec­ond. Repub­li­can Alan VanTas­sel (1,078) was third. Repub­li­can Theodore Kus­nierz, Jr. (Town Su­per­vi­sor - 1,592); Demo­crat/Repub­li­can Jef­frey McCabe (Town Jus­tice - 2,002), and El­iz­a­beth Bar­comb (Li­brary Trustee - 864) and Reed An­tis (Li­brary Trustee - 830) all ran unop­posed.


Repub­li­cans Wil­lard Peck (Town Su­per­vi­sor 481 votes), Denise Mur­phy (Town Clerk - 494), James Evans (Town Jus­tice 463), Richard Coffin­ger II (High­way Su­per­in­ten­dent - 471), and Pa­tri­cia Bryant (Town Coun­cil - 454) and John DeLisle (Town Coun­cil - 446) were all unop­posed.


Repub­li­cans Su­san Wem­ple (Town Clerk - 217 votes), Wil­liam Hart­man (Town Coun­cil Re­main­der of Term - 171), and Ann

Mor­ris (Town Coun­cil Full Term - 168) and Chris­tine DeCristo­faro (Town Coun­cil Full Term - 166) were unop­posed.


Repub­li­cans were the ap­par­ent win­ners in the race for two Town Coun­cil seats, with Gary Squires (561) and Ruth Drumm (541) plac­ing ahead of Democrats James Sul­li­van (399) and Bryan Drew (387). Repub­li­cans also won unop­posed races for Town Su­per­vi­sor (Thomas Wood III - 766 votes), Town Clerk (Linda McCabe - 780), High­way Su­per­in­ten­dent (Don­ald Ormsby, Jr. - 780 votes) and Tax Col­lec­tor (Mar­garet Kirk­patrick - 788).

Demo­crat Charles Sherman Jr. was unop­posed for Town Jus­tice, col­lect­ing 878 votes.


Repub­li­can Ellen Vo­macka (977 votes) and Demo­crat Va­lerie Master­son

(751) were the ap­par­ent win­ners for the two Town Coun­cil seats, with Repub­li­can Lisa Bruno (739) and Demo­crat Jimel Wil­liams (689) in third and fourth, re­spec­tively. Repub­li­can Joseph Wal­dron, mean­while, was unop­posed for Town Jus­tice, col­lect­ing 1,347 votes.

Vil­lage of Still­wa­ter

In unop­posed races, Ju­dith Wood-Shaw re­ceived 232 votes for Mayor and John Basile (209 votes) and Pa­trick Nelson (136) earned the two Trustee seats.


Repub­li­cans won four unop­posed races in Town Su­per­vi­sor (John Lawler - 850 votes), Town Clerk (Mary Shan­non Car­ri­gan 872), Town Jus­tice (Nancy Sunukjian - 854) and Town Coun­cil (David Ball - 859; Fran­cis McCle­ment - 840).

All vot­ing re­sults are con­sid­ered un­of­fi­cial at this point.

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