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DEAR READ­ERS >> School time is LICE time. Lice are spread with headto-head con­tact. A louse is about a third the size of a se­same seed; its eggs (nits) are see-through and at­tached to the hair shaft.

Check your kids once per week us­ing an ex­tremely fine-toothed comb and a mag­ni­fy­ing glass. If you find lice, ei­ther boil the combs for three min­utes to clean them or freeze them overnight. Then you can try over-the-counter treat­ments, but you won’t get far with­out re­mov­ing the eggs. It’s best to ask your pe­di­a­tri­cian for help with lice treat­ment.

Lice can cause an itchy rash, but ul­ti­mately, they don’t carry dis­ease and can’t sur­vive off the head, un­like a bed­bug.

P.S. Just be­cause a child has lice, that doesn’t mean she or he is dirty or ne­glected at home.

DEAR HELOISE >> I cringe al­most ev­ery time we eat out. Cleanup peo­ple at many restau­rants use one towel to wipe ta­bles and seats. How can you pos­si­bly think that is san­i­tary?

Noth­ing is per­fect, but at least des­ig­nate one color towel strictly for ta­bles, and an­other color just for seats. This would help limit germs to some de­gree. It’s dif­fi­cult to imag­ine that owners find this ac­cept­able for pa­trons.

I even saw an in­stance where a dish bin was placed on the floor, then brought onto the table­top after it was wiped!

— Florida Filly, via email

DEAR HELOISE >> I have a few items that use hook and loop clo­sures. Over time, the clo­sures have be­come less ag­gres­sive. Be­fore I re­place the items, is there a way to wake up the “sleep­ing” clo­sures?

— Lynn S., Penn Yan, N.Y.

DEAR LYNN S. >> Lynn, self-stick­ing fab­ric tape is great for kids and for peo­ple who may have dex­ter­ity is­sues. De-fuzz the hook part by us­ing a stiff tooth­brush or nail­brush, or pick out the lint with a cro­chet hook. Se­cure the clo­sures when the item’s not in use.

DEAR HELOISE >> Easy so­lu­tion for keep­ing stuffed pep­pers up­right: Cut them in half, top to bot­tom. They lay flat in a pan (and you have twice as many serv­ings). Smaller serv­ings are good with chil­dren at the table. I read your col­umn in the Day­ton (Ohio) Daily News.

— Joyce W., via email


DEAR HELOISE >> If you are home alone and ever need to call 911 for emer­gency med­i­cal ser­vices, if pos­si­ble, con­sider open­ing or at least un­lock­ing your front door. You may be­come to­tally in­ca­pac­i­tated prior to the ar­rival of help.

Open­ing the door will save time for them get­ting to you. It might also save you a door re­place­ment.

— Paul Hill, Tor­rance, Calif.


DEAR HELOISE >> Love your col­umn. My fa­vorite book­ends con­sist of at­trac­tive candy jars or small flow­er­pots filled with all those pen­nies that never get spent. They never slide!

— Lynn in Mis­sion Hills, Calif.

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