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The Saratogian (Saratoga, NY) - - CLASSIFIED - By FRANK STEWART

“My part­ner is so apt to find fault,” a club player told me, “that I fi­nally said I was fin­ing him a quar­ter ev­ery time he said some­thing crit­i­cal.” “Did he agree to that?” I asked. “When we sat down to play to­day, he gave me $5 and said he was set­ting up an ac­count.”

My long-suf­fer­ing friend was East, and West led a high di­a­mond against four spades: nine, jack, ace. South took the A-K of hearts, pitch­ing a di­a­mond, and led a trump. FIFTY CENTS

“I took the ace,” East said, “and tried to cash a di­a­mond. De­clarer ruffed, drew trumps and started the clubs. He lost two clubs but made his game, and my part­ner ex­pended fifty cents of his credit.”

I ab­hor crit­i­cism of part­ner, but East mis­de­fended. If South had a second los­ing di­a­mond, he would have pitched it on dummy’s jack of hearts. More­over, South’s pat­tern was then marked as 6-1-2-4. When East takes the ace of trumps, he must lead a low club. West can win, re­turn a club and ruff a third club for down one. DAILY QUES­TION You hold: A 5 10 9 6 K Q J 5 A 6 5 2. Your part­ner opens one spade, and the next player passes. What do you say?

AN­SWER: A re­sponse of 2NT (even if treated as nat­u­ral and forcing) would prom­ise a heart stop­per. Bid two clubs, leav­ing room for part­ner to try two di­a­monds if he has length in that suit. A case ex­ists, how­ever, for a re­sponse of two di­a­monds: Your four-card suit is so strong that a high di­a­mond con­tract on a 4-3 fit is con­ceiv­able. East dealer Both sides vul­ner­a­ble

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